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Lying Time.....
by Leah Sellers
2014-06-13 09:41:09
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Lying Time…..
Mama is dying…..
What Time is it, Baby ?
It’s around 5:30, Mama
It doesn’t Feel like that Time….
We spend our Lives Lying about one thing or another
Mama was Raised to Be close to the Land
To the Inhalations and Exhalations of Mother Earth
The Rotational Rise and Shine
And Beddy-Bye Times
Of our beautiful gemstone Planet
Mama, and Folks of her ilk
Are always more In Touch with,
And more Honest about Real Cosmic Time
The Ebbs and Flows of Life-Streaming
Not the HuMan Made Time of whirring Clock and Wrist Watch Industries
And Algorithmic plots and plunderings
HuMan Made Time was Created by HuMans
So that they could Control Time
And give Money Value to Time
Because that’s what HuMans Do
(or so we’re Told, but that could be just another Lie,
HuMans have bought into)
So, when People of the Land were lured or forced by happenstance
To Work in the Sardine Can jammed Cities
And Mix It Up with the other Sardines
Already Mixing It Up in the jammed Canned Cities
They had to Learn to Lie to ThemSelves
About Real Time - Organic Time
And other HuMan Made Money Values
And lock-step ThemSelves into Mechanical
Jarring alarm rhythms, stutters, coughs,
Wheezes, clanging bells and piercing whistles
The clatter of frenzied FootFalls
They had to Learn and Live the Money Value of Time
Caged, for the most part, in Jobs that swallowed their Gifts and Talents
And bought-and-paid-for Souls whole
And then evacuated them out like Rat Droppings
Onto cold and cracked concrete Sardine Can jammed City streets
Leading to one HuMan Made Lie after another
The Value of Time is……
The Value of Time and your Life is……
Look, Look and See !
Behind you
In Ancient, Primal Memory
The Earth is Rotating out of  Darkness
And into the Light of the Cosmic Sun
Truth Be Told
Now the Day has Truly Begun !
Mama died in Real Time - Organic Time
An Exhalation of Mother Earth
An Inhalation of the Cosmos

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