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Winning in Life
by Kittirat Yothangrong
2014-05-30 13:24:20
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In our life we have to connect with many things. This includes interactions with people, doing tasks, and coming into contact with inert things. What is important is that we come into contact with all these things in the right way, so we don't unnecessarily suffer in our life.

Handling things in life, i.e., in dealing with others, and undertaking mundane tasks all evoke feelings and emotions. Some of these emotions are related to inflated egos, while other emotions may be anger, frustration, envy, and even hate. More important than being clever or creative in winning in life is doing all these tasks and having daily interactions without evoking emotions and feelings that have negative consequences in our lives.

For example, we can win a race, be the most successful salesperson in the company, or don't get our way with the family. Winning is about not been affected by the emotions that come out of these daily interactions. Being an egotistical race winner, arrogant salesperson, or angry at home with the family do nothing to help our personality. They detract from our quality of life. The winner handles all these tasks in their stride with humility and decorum.

So we make so many connections everyday with both people and things, this could be a friend, spouse, parent, nephew, work colleague, or boss. The key is doing this without causing ourselves to suffer un-needlessly.

This is extremely important as nobody is an island and contact with the outside world is something that is continuous throughout all our lives.

The key is feeling safe, secure, respectful, trustful, compassionate, with a deep sense of humility within ourselves. In this way we can develop a sense of enjoyment about what is happening at any moment during the day.

Winners are people who don't get dragged in by the excitement of the moment and allow their egos and arrogance to come through. Winners are people who don't allow negative emotions such as disappointment, anger, frustration, and envy rule over their personalities.  Winners are people on an even keel who are able to enjoy each moment as it comes free of the roller coaster of their emotions.

You will find that if you can take this approach that in your dealings with others, you will be able to easily  generate a sense of trust and respect from those who you deal with.

This is a true winner in life.


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