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A Christian, A Jew, A Muslim....
by Leah Sellers
2014-05-27 09:54:16
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Pope Francis is making a Special Trip to Jordan, the West Bank and Israel with two very UnExpected Companions.  The two men accompanying Pope Francis are longtime Friends of his.  Abraham Skorka is a Jewish Rabbi and Omar Abboud is Muslim leader.  Both Religious leaders are old Friends of the Pope’s from Argentina.
It’s fascinatingly and refreshingly enervating for the Catholic Church and the World-at-Large to be dealing with a Pope of the UnExpected.  A Pope who Chooses (and continues to Choose) to try and Talk-the-Walk and Walk-the-Talk of Christ.  A Pope who sees HimSelf to be the Servant of God’s Love and Acts of Good Will, the Servant of the Church, the Servant of the People, the Anointed Role Model of Catholic/Christiandom.
Yes, quite Fascinating, Refreshing and Enervating.
Especially in a Time in History when Militias filled with Fear-based, Angry, Hate-filled, and Violent Men and Women are banding together all over the World under the manipulative Guise and Protection of Religion:  “I am terrorizing, killing and bombing in the Name of Yahweh, I am terrorizing, killing and bombing in the Name of Allah, I am terrorizing, killing and bombing in the Name of Christ and God Almighty….!
Religions are just the various manifestations of the personality traits and facets of the Cosmic Creative Force(s) that every Human Being spends their Lives, at one time or another, trying to wrap their Mind, Heart, Body and Soul around.   We would all like to Know the Purpose of our Being, and of the Origins of Creation in general.  And so, since the Beginning of Time (as we Know it) we have Created deeply meaningful, and in some cases, very Universally similar Rules of Life, Morals and Ethics, and the Rituals, Ceremonies, Symbols, Vessels, Grails, Sacred Grounds, Works of Art, Music, Traditions, Histories and Herstories to carry and Share them within throughout the Ages.
All cultures have done it, and will probably continue to do it as long as Humanity exists.
When 9/11 hit America in the Economic and Homeland UnSafety Gut by burning down the World Trade Center, Americans took the terrorists message to Heart in various ways.  The head honcho terrorist, Osama bin Laudin, and his Saudi Arabian/Al Quaeda/Muslim followers had judged America to Be a Nation of Western Devils.
Many of the Christians of America took that to Heart, and Consciously and SubConsciously decided not to take the horrendous accusation and wounding lying down.  No, they wanted to prove themselves to be Righteous People of Christ/God/Yahweh, and the Muslims to be a Nation of Eastern Devils.  And because of even older, more ancient horrendous accusations and woundings between the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians during innumerable UnHoly Holy Wars - UnHoly Jihads filled with Self Righteous perceptions, conceptions, and deceptions, wranglings and wrigglings for Power, Territories, One-Up-Manships, Chest Thumping Opportunities, Manmade Cultural Prejudices, Bigotries, and more Socially destructive UnReasonings to keep people down and enslaved, and oily-golden-green-backed Wealth Grabs, the Actions set into motion by all of these Energetic Patternings (and More) have brought All of the World where it is today.
What a Global Mess.  A Mess it will take all of us Working Together to Clean Up and Repair.
So, the American Political, Military and Economic Leaders, and their Western Allies, marched their Children off to continue Endless Wars within Wars, and the Muslims, and their Allies, marched their Children off to continue Endless Wars within Wars for the same old Ancient Reasonings that have kept Everybody swirling and slogging around in the same ’ole Global Bucket of Hogwash for what seems like forever.
So, the Americans, wanting to prove themselves to be Good Christians - Good Men of God, also set about repairing some things at home.  ‘If we got attacked and wounded for being thought of as UnGodly Devils abroad, then we must restore our Image, and where better to start than with our UnControllable and Uppity Women Folk.  We can’t make them bear ever expanding harams and force them to hide behind veils, but we can start to work to get them back into the Home with the kids, and subservient to our wills, and economically dependent on us again, just like the Good Muslim Men do their Women.
Yeah, that’s a part of their Traditions that we can really relate to.  When you’re feeling out-of-control, you gotta start somewhere to regain it.  And we need to start with our Women.  We may not be able to control the Muslims right now, but we can sure Control our Women.’
‘Alright Women, no more Contraception. The words Pill and Planned Parenthood and the Obamacare that would help you pay for them are Bad - are Evil, UnHoly Words  We need you barefoot (or sandal-footed) and pregnant and subject to our wills.  The Bible tells us so….. And we are gonna get to work creating and passing the Laws (statewide and nationwide) to Make it so.
Only problem is that we now have an Economy that forces both the Men and the Women of the Home to make ends meet for most Americans.  But that will just have to be overlooked in order to restore our Good Name abroad, and restore our rightful and preordained dominance.
And we must weaken Obama’s leadership by convincing our more Fear-based, Radicalized Men and Women that he is not an American.  In fact, that he is an illegitimate Black Muslim from Kenya.
Besides, Obama’s Being Black has brought up all of America’s old dormant and/or underlying hysterical-historical Problems with Racism, Discrimination, Bigotry, and out-and-out Hatred of the Other.  That’ll make it all the easier to stir things up, and rattle some cages, that it will work in our favor to stir up and rattle around.  Yep !  Lots of Ancient Fears, Grudges and Hot-buttons will work in our favor in a myriad of manipulative ways.
Yes, so while the Muslim Militias hide behind their Religion, and the American Militias hide behind their Religion and the Jewish Militias hide behind their Religion, all in the Name of the Violent, Deadly and Destructive Aspects of their God, their Yahweh, their Allah, the Peoples of the World find themselves caught in a Vortex of Oblivion, unless these Energies are all brought under control.
And all of these Energies are but a fraction of the Ancient Malevolent Stirrings threatening Humanity Globally.  Russia, China………etc…. (sigh).  The building Energies of Annihilating Negativity are exhausting.
Thusly, it makes the Positive Energies of Three Religious Leaders, Three UnExpected Companions, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, all the more poignantly Meaningful and Necessary.  All the more Fascinating, Refreshing, and Enervating.
Thank you Pope Francis,  Thank you Abraham Skorka.  Thank you Omar Abboud.  The Trip you are Taking, the Sacred and Imperative Energetic Work that you are Doing is more important than many Folks Realize or Care to Acknowledge.
The World is deeply, and in some ways, desperately in Need of some Divine Shepherding and a more Graciously Cooperative and Transformative Spirit.

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Emanuel Paparella2014-05-27 14:35:25
Indeed, there was another man who, a long time ago, took a special symbolic journey to Palestine, the land where Christianity began, in search of peace and reconciliation among those killing in the name of God and Allah and Jehovah; his name was Francis (of Assisi), the name chosen by the present Pope. Surely the accompaniment of his two Argentinean friends, one a Jew and the other a Moslem and the invitation to the warring sides to come and visit and pray with him at the Vatican were two powerfully symbolical acts.

But, to my mind, the most symbolical gesture of the trip came when Pope Francis kissed the hands of six Holocaust survivors as he heard their stories and then prayed with them saying: “Never again, Lord, never again! We are here Lord, shamed by what man—created in your own image and likeness—was capable of doing.” That exclamation hints at the fact that before we can dare throw ourselves on the mercy of the Lord and ask for forgiveness for our enormities, before there can be any lasting peace and reconciliation, we, as the human race need to first express acknowledgment, regret and amendment of one's life. One follows the other, in that order.

Leah Sellers2014-05-30 03:24:43
Quite True, Brother Emanuel. And that sir is the Essence of of Being Redeemed and Redemption.
Also, the moment I heard that the new Pope had taken up the monicker of Francis, He had my Attention, and through his Actions thus far, just like his Predecessor's, he has further Inspired my Respect and Hope.

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