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Oh Where Are You Going Vladmir Putin?
by Leah Sellers
2014-05-19 11:06:40
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Oh where are you going, Bully Boy, Bully Boy ?
Oh where are you going Vladmir Putin ?
He has gone to slowly Conquer-not-Conquer Ukraine, and brand it with Old Russia’s name.  He’s a Bully Boy, Autocratic, Secret Oligarch like many Others.
Oh when will Putin stop, moving Tanks and Puppeteer-ing Troops, while Global Neighbors look on while being duped ?  Oh when will Putin stop, giving Orders to Usurp Euro-Asian Countries along Russia’s Borders ?  Perhaps, when more Leveraging Tactical Time has been given to Putin’s Oligarchic Business Partners, and Exxon and Shell to shove their Climate Changing, Earth Re-Arranging, Fricking-Fracking-Let’s-Get-Cracking Keystone Pipeline (and oh so much oily, gassy more), down the throats of Obama and those interested in Protecting the Earth’s Environment, and the rest of America, and the World as well.
Perhaps, when Old Russia has regained all of the Euro-Asian Lands who Chose to be or were merely separated from her many years ago ?  Who really Knows ?
Perhaps, when the raging Red Republican/Tea Partiers and their millionaire/billionaire Super Pacs, and foreign Oligarchic Compatriots get a firmer oily and gassy stranglehold on America’s and the Global
Economies ?  The Elitist Few honestly think that the lame-brained peons of the World only Purpose in Life is to please (the Elitist Few, that is).
All the World is looking on, but Putin doesn’t seem to care, he only yawns, while the World Leaders within NATO threaten Putin, and his supporters with drippy-droopy Sanctions.  But Putin marches on with seemingly Passively-Aggressive/Aggressively-Passive Strategies, continuing to De-Stabilize Ukraine as a Country, and bring the shifting Powers of all Nations into Question, while the West, and others, are accused of wringing their hands, and biting their nails in Economically Enmeshed consternation.
The World’s Gas and Oil Oligarchs are keeping their fingers in the pie, and watching events unfold overtly and on the sly.  Resistant Persistence, old, freshly wounded Tribal Enmities, and Nationalistic Propaganda are the very Effective De-Stabilization Tools they are Using and Abusing, in Ukraine and America, and other Countries abroad to Move and Mold everyone to their Way of Thinking.  They are playing a Global Game of Blink in which there can be no Blinking.  A Global Game in which the Winners are Losers and the Losers Lose even more.  There is no good Future Score.
Putin, and his Gang, are into short-term, selfish Gain, and have helped to further convert Russia into an Oligarchic Capitalistic Mecca, and Putin-ized Kingdom for the Gas and Oil Elitist Few.  Fill ’er up !  Pee-Uww !
Oh where are you going, Bully Boy, Bully Boy ?  Oh where have you gone Vladmir Putin ?  While your oversized coffers continue to Grow, you’re Selling your Country, and your People’s Souls, to the highest Bidders with the most lucrative offers.  Where’s the Moral High Ground in that Bully Boy, Vlad ?
Da-Da !  Ya-Ya !  And Americans who own the Land to be ruined with and by the Canadian Keystone Pipeline, and Putin’s Ukrainian Non-Invasion-Invasion, and the Health to be devastated on both sides of the Planet by Oil and Gas Pollutants, and the equally (though far more theatrical) poisonous Pollutants of War, are left with a multitude and multi-leveled, monumental, calloused and unconscionable Eminent Domain (Land grab, and Peace-of-Mind grab by the Elitist Few of the Common Person‘s Property and unravelled Selfhood), and a pocket full of Change.  Ching-ching !  Cough-cough !  Sniff-sniff !  Boo-Hoo !
Anyone in the mood for a National Anthem ?  A Global Anthem ?
An Anthem of Global UnRhythmic Blues ?
Oh where are you going, Bully Boy, Bully Boy ?
Oh where are you going Vladmir Putin ?
Gone to join the Keystone Cops with Bully Boy clubs and Masked
Special Ops.  Vlad’s a rich Bully Boy, Autocratic, Secret Oligarch like so many Others.

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