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A comment on comment
by The Ovi Team
2014-05-16 08:27:59
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The last few weeks some “readers”, suspiciously organized, add a series of provocative, surreal or other comments in articles all around Ovi magazine. So let’s make some things clear.

Ovi magazine is NOT a commercial magazine. Is a free opinion magazine, dedicated to democracy, culture and arts. Therefore we don’t sell anything from our pages.

Occasionally we promote people - mainly artists and writers - mainly because they have no access to mainstream media, they are immigrants who need help or young people who just started and they lack money and support. We do that without any fee and after we verify that the person’s circumstances need our help. We also support organizations or institutions that agree with our aims. Again, without a fee.

Adding an advert in the form of comment doesn’t work. If you haven’t realized, the last few months we moderate all the comments, NOW YOU KNOW.

But even if we didn’t moderate comments, we would have never let your advert/comments in our magazine. And because we don’t want to be misunderstood, that is not only about sex ads, dating promos and other similar ads; our policy applies to all adverts.

Furthermore, picking a word from the text and stage a whole promotion so we might miss it, it is at least a stupid waste of time and creativity. You can use your brain and your talents much better than stage an advert in Ovi.

The next category is insults and provokes. In its ten years of history, Ovi had occasionaly some heated exchange of comments. That doesn’t mean that adding a provocative, most of the time racist or prejudice comment, will add to the conversations or that there is any chance we wouldn’t delete them.

Again this seems to be organized and targeting the magazine as a whole and not specific articles, since the comments are written randomly and sometimes in articles that are purely informative. Their common characteristic is hate, racism and prejudice and we have no tolerance to this form of expression or thinking.

Last and not least are the surreal comments that started appearing en mass lately. Comments that don’t make sense and they have nothing to do with the article they are attached. My advice to the writers is …get a life, go out, have a walk, drink a beer. Don’t waste all your time in front the computer.

So, to the ones who haven’t understood. All comments are moderated, that means we must see them and approve them first before they go online.

It takes us mostly half an hour to check them and delete them all doesn’t matter where they are and how well you tried to “hide” them. That, while it takes you a lot of time to write them and find the write place to “hide” each one of them.

My advice stands. Instead of wasting your time, get a life!

Thanos Kalamidas


P.S. Despite all online reinsurances about anonymity in internet, things are ...not exactly like that. In some cases we can find everything neccessary to take legal action, if we feel that some have crossed the line.


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