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Presenting Hillary Benghazi
by Leah Sellers
2014-05-11 12:34:43
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“Mr. Peppercorn, we need to speak with Hillary Benghazi.”
“You mean Hillary Clinton, sir ?”
“Now, that name does sound familiar.  Does she know Benghazi ?”
“In a manner of speaking, Mr. Middleton.  She knows about Benghazi.  She was President Obama’s first Secretary of State, before John Kerry took over the job.  In 2010 she asked the Congress for more monies for Security for America’s Foreign Embassies and Personnel, and Congress voted against it.  The Congress had the attitude of a No Can Do, Chop, Chop Budget Shop, and refused the extra Troops, Security Help and monies she requested to keep all of her Ambassadors and their People Safer.”
“And when Benghazi’s Ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other fine Americans were killed by a bunch of Middle Eastern militarist, terrorist hooligans, the Republican/Tea Partiers, led by Daryl Issa and his supporters and fans blamed what happened there on Hillary Benghazi, excuse me, Hillary Clinton, in order to weaken President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s standing in the eyes of all Americans and the rest of the World, for that matter.”
“What about this new committee being set up by Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to look more deeply into Hillary Benghazi’s actions, Mr. Peppercorn ?”
“Well, Mr. Middleton, the House Select Committee is a Special Committee that’s being put together by a very Resistant John Boehner.  It’s primary focus will be to Dis-credit Hillary Benghazi, I mean, Hillary Clinton, and taint her leadership as Secretary of State, because she is thinking about making a possible run for the Presidency in 2016.”
“The Republican/Tea Partiers want to cripple her - slow her down some, sir.  So, this Benghazi dead Albatross they’re trying to pin on her is a good one to let rot and stink around her neck in order to place her in a bad light with folks who don’t really pay very much attention to Political Fun and Games up here on the Hill, unless it takes on the stench of some pretty juicy gossip.”
“Is she to blame for what happened, Mr. Peppercorn ?”
“No sir.  Not really.  The Middle Eastern protesters, militarists and terrorists who did all of the murdering of our People are the real culprits.  However, the Congress has a Share in some of the responsibility for what happened in Benghazi for refusing to give the Embassies the extra Protection and Security that Hillary Clinton had asked them for to begin with.”
“Sir, the Congress took monies out of the Budget in order to give themselves Raises, but said that they didn’t have enough money to better Protect and Safeguard our Foreign Embassies and Ambassadors.  It places their judgment and priorities in question, sir.”
“Much like they’re trying to do to Hillary Benghazi, it would appear.  More elitist hypocrisy for the American People to have to swallow if you ask me, Peppercorn.”
“Yes sir.”
“How much Time and Money has been spent on this idiocy, Peppercorn ?”
“Well, the burning of the Embassy and the murders of the Ambassador and his Co--Workers took place in 2010.  So, four years later, and hundreds of endless, droning subpoenas and hearings, and millions of Tax-Payers dollars, and Affordable Care Act monies on bottles of Aspirin and Pepto- Bismol for all of the headaches and stomach aches the wasteful hearings have caused a lot of Folks, and they’re still sludging on with them, just to ruin the reputation of Hillary Clinton, sir.”
“The Republican/Tea Partiers refuse to move forward on any National Job Bills, Infrastructure Bills, Transportation Bills, Unemployment Benefits, the Minimum Wage, Immigration Reform, Tax Reform, etc…, but they have no problem spending lots of time and Tax-Payer money holding these Benghazi hearings until the 2016 election Cycle ends.”
“And why are we continuing to participate in this shameful and hypocritical charade, Mr. Peppercorn ?”
“Got me, sir.  Although Daryl Issa and his supporters and fans have gotten a lot of self-promotional Shock-Jock Airplay and Face time on FOX t.v. over it.”
“Once again, why are we continuing this with Hillary Benghazi, Mr. Peppercorn ?”
“I hear you, Mr. Middleton.  I hear you, and I’ll get on it right away, sir.  And it’s Clinton, sir.  Hillary Clinton.”

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