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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-05-04 12:23:26
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Bizarre moments is something our world never misses so here some of the latest.

Man mistakes Steelton home for one in New York City after he threatens homeowner

bizz01A Harrisburg man arrested for simple assault last week may have mistaken a Steelton house for one in New York City when he confronted the homeowner, according to a police report. Borough police said 24-year-old Michael Vincent Quiros was highly intoxicated and very disoriented when police caught up with him after his reported confrontation with a homeowner around 6 p.m. Friday in the 100 block of South Front Street. Quiros told the officers arresting him that this was his first visit to New York City, according to a police news release.

Police were first called to the area after a homeowner advised them that Quiros had knocked on the door and demanded to see "Linsey," according to the release. When the homeowner told Quiros no one with that name lived at the house, he reportedly became enraged.  After yelling at the homeowner, police said Quiros lifted up his shirt to show the woman a gun tucked into his waistband before walking away north on Front Street.


Teenager told he is 'too young' to buy box of chicken by KFC staff

A teenager was turned away from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant by staff who said he was too young to buy a box of chicken. Jake Butterworth, 13, was buying food for himself and his younger brother Wade, eight, at their local KFC in Manchester, when the youngsters were told by staff that they were banned from getting the chicken. Staff told the boys that they feared they would 'throw food' and 'mess about' if they were given the fast food.

Jake told The Sun: 'I was in shock. I only wanted a Mega Box but they wouldn't let me. There were kids when I went in not eating anything and refusing to move.' The shocked schoolboy from Failsworth, Greater Manchester spoke with staff and told them that he had come in to buy the food with his younger brother and was not with the other kids. But they still refused to serve him, because he was under 18.

His father, Mike, 43, an engineer said that he had asked his sons to pop into the KFC to pick up the chicken for him because he was running late from work. However, he was stunned that when his boys said they had been refused a simple meal because they were underage. He said: 'What if Mcdonald's started to turn kids away - it's ridiculous.' A KFC spokesman told Mail Online: 'We are sorry to hear about Jake's experience, however the restaurant staff have had to deal with a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour relating to unaccompanied young people over the past year. 'This has forced them to make decisions like this on the spot.  'We are currently working with the police and local council on how to best manage this, and we'd love to get in touch with Jake's family personally to welcome them back into the restaurant for a meal on the house.'


Teen driving SUV allegedly mows down boy after water bottle is thrown

A 17-year-old driver in Sacramento intentionally veered her SUV into a neighbor's yard Sunday as she mowed down a boy who may have thrown a water bottle at the vehicle moments before, witnesses said. The boy, described as a seventh grade student, ended up pinned between the SUV and a tree in the yard of Marlene Youell, who witnessed the incident.

"He was screaming before she mowed him down. He was yelling, 'Stop, stop stop.' I went to the phone to call 911."  Witnesses told the news station that a water bottle had been thrown at the SUV. That's when the 17-year-old driver -- who authorities have not identified -- chased the boy around a corner, slamming the front end of the vehicle into the tree, pinning the child.

Video footage of the scene showed a light-blue bike resting a few feet behind the SUV.  Witnesses also said that after the collision, the driver admitted to chasing the boy on purpose after he or his brother threw a water bottle at the SUV.  "She must have snapped," Youell said.  The boy suffered injuries from the collision, but they didn't appear to be life threatening. First responders at the scene had to lift the SUV in order to remove the boy safely.  


Driver punches motel worker and drags him down Aurora Ave.

Police say a Seattle motel worker was assaulted and dragged down Aurora Avenue early Saturday morning after confronting the driver of a suspicious car. The employee saw what he described as a "suspicious-looking" dark sedan at 3:30 a.m. in the parking lot of his motel, which is located in the 11700 block of Aurora Avenue North.

He later told police he had seen the same car in the parking lot earlier and was worried it might be drawing illegal activity to the area. The employee walked over to the car and leaned in toward the driver's open window, at which point the driver punched him in the face, according to police. The worker then grabbed on to the driver, who hit the gas and began driving northbound on Aurora.

The driver dragged the employee about 50 feet before the man fell onto the road. The victim's wife called 911 and police and medics arrived at the scene soon after. The victim sustained minor injuries and was taken to Northwest Hospital for treatment. Officers searched the area but didn't find the driver.

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