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God Loves
by David Sparenberg
2014-05-02 11:01:34
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God Loves
What do we know about God?  What does God love?
God loves beauty—the beauty of flowers, of trees, and of rainbows.
david01_400God loves children, the animated charm of tender bodies, sweetness of tender faces, and the sweet, fierce, imaginative spontaneity of children at play.  Young playing—that is a prayer-form beloved of God.
God loves courage and humility and loyalty and honesty.  God loves compassion and companionship, generosity and the stewardship of justice.
God too loves thunder and lightning, which happens often on this Earth, and stars which are cosmically abundant; loves the moment of integral silence before an act of mercy and the voice of wounded dignity before the armed force of oppression.  God loves the rumbling, the illumination, the uplift, the ingathering and the resistance.

God also loves songs and dances, storytelling and memorials of heart and soul—the heart temples and soul altars of lived poetry.
God loves love—the wild getty-up of sexual union and orgasmic procreation, and the peaceful kindnesses, gifting, of agape.
While we may not be able to prove the existence of God, I, for one, am proof that a person can stand before another and speak with feeling about what God loves.  God loves the upright, the standing, the stepping up and the love talk of a human being.

David Sparenberg
28 April 2014

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Rossella Panaro 2014-05-02 16:33:25
God loves Love
and we are the perfect tools
to play endless stories of love
many thanks to
David testimony of light
expressed this
Thought sublime and share !!!

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