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Texas Death Penalties
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-29 11:29:04
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The Systems in Texas Believe with all of their little cotton-pickin’ Hearts in the Death Penalty !
Yes, Texas (and some other) Systems, Do !
You don’t even have to commit a Crime.  No, you don’t !  All you have to Do is get seriously Injured on the job or fall seriously Ill !
No, Healing for you, Patient !  No Medicaid Affordable Care Act Expansion for you, Patient, so that you can afford your very own individualized, capitalized Insurance Plan or Policy.  Not you, Patient, who so desperately Needs Healing !  Not you !
If you are Poor, and a Child or one of the Aging In-Betweeners (not Poor enough or Rich enough to Afford to be Healed in Texas’ or America’s legally, but UnEthically and Immorally, overly Capitalized Medical Systems), you are out of Luck as the Folks supporting the UnHealthy Systems pass the Bucks.
Not you, Patient, if you have a Governor or State Representatives or State Senators that refuse Healthy Medicaid ACA Expansion, and insist on continuing to sabotage the Affordable Care Act as a whole, because it’s a Political ‘hot potato’ that will hurt their Political Careers, as the Patients of the State and the Nation slowly linger in Pain, and sicken more and more, and draw closer and closer to a State’s Legal and Pre-ordained Death Penalty and Pauper’s Death Knoll and UnMarked Tombstone.  Because your State’s self-proclaimed Christian Leaders dis-dain and dis-claim Poverty and the Poor to be a Sin and Sinners, and the UnHealthy Poor to be the greatest Sinners of all, and therefore and heretofore and furthermore and forevermore deserving of the Penalty of a Long (or short) Suffering Death !
Ding-Dong-Bell !  And the Bell does not Toll for you, Patient !  It’s the Death Knoll for You !
UnHealthy Systems Produce and Induce UnHealthy Results and OutComes, while Producing and Inducing Avariciously rewarding Incomes for Some.
UnHealthy Political, Legislative, Economic and Sociological Systems Produce and Induce UnHealthy Results and OutComes, while Increasing the InComes of Some (The Few), but definitely not The Many.  Eventually bringing about Death for the Patient and slowly, but surely, the OverAll Citizenry.
It’s Time, in fact, long overdue Time, for Texas (and many other American States) to eliminate its (their) Death Penalties, and Give a shout out for
Life ! Health !  And the Liberties of increased Opportunities brought about by the Good Health and Well Being of an Ailing Citizenry and Ailing Systems !
It’s Time, long overdue Time, to get rid of the existing Death Penalties for Texas (and American) Citizens and their Ailing Systems !  And Time to Heal and Be Healed !

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