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Violations of Violence.... Violations of Violence....
by Leah Sellers
2014-05-05 09:28:27
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Violations of Violence.....
The Violations of Violence……..
AnyOne who has ever been Touched, Raped, Beaten, Stabbed, Shot, Blown up, out and apart, Tortured or Burned by or with Violence Is ForEver Changed, Transformed, TransMutated.
Their Better Angels and Worst Demons are Shaken and Stirred loose, and the Survivors of Violence spend the rest of their dis-rupted (and ruptured) Lives Contending with Them - Analyzing Them - Isolating Them - Categorizing Them -  Struggling with Them - Haggling and Arguing with Them - Constantly Choosing between Them and Suffering because of Them in Ways those who have never Experienced or been Violated by Violence will ever fully or deeply Understand.
There is no Real Cure for Those who have Experienced or been Violated by Violence, only Endurance, the Passage of Time and a Strengthening or a Weakening of Character - of Mind and Spirit due to Choices made - due to Survivor Detours taken.
There is nothing glamorous or amorous about being Violated by Violence.  It is an Ending - an Ending leading to UnKnown and UnForeseeable altered Present and Future Realities of Being - of Knowing - of Seeing……..
The Violations of Violence……….

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