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Ordinary little Miracles of Love
by Leah Sellers
2014-05-03 11:56:01
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Mama couldn’t wait to Hold
Her new Great-Grand-Baby
“Oh, let me Hold that little Bundle of Joy
The Family’s new little Baby Boy
So full of Life and Promise”
Mama, cooed and aahed
And rocked the Great-Grand-Baby Boy
And cradled him Lovingly to her Breast
Mama has Breast Cancer
UnKnowingly, as Mama made over
And Sang ‘This Little Light of Mine’
To her new Great-Grand-Baby Boy
One Breast began to Ooze a Brown-Blood Fluid
A cruel ReMinder of Hard Things
And Hard Times to come
Mama spotted some of the Death Ooze
On Great-Grand-Baby Boy’s little Blankie
Mama’s Smile died
“Oh my, Daughter, take Great-Grand-Baby Boy
The Death Ooze has stained his Precious Blankie”
“Oh no, Mama, Great-Grand-Baby Boy
Needs your Love and lifted Song
Let’s slip his Baby Boy Bib upon your Breast
And keep the Death Ooze out of Sight and out of Mind
During this Moment in Time
You Hold your Great-Grand-Baby Boy tight
And I’ll join your Beautiful Voice in Song
In fact, Mama, let’s rock Great-Grand-Baby Boy and Sing
“This Little Light of Mine….’
For the rest of the Live Long Day
You take the Melody and I’ll come in with Harmony
Until Great-Grand-Baby Boy is fast Asleep
And later, we’ll get you cleaned up and your blouse Changed”
Great-Grand-Baby Boy stretched and yawned
Putting a Smile back on Mama’s Loving, Care-worn Face
“That’s a fine Change of Plans
Daughter of Mine
And a Change of Plans calls for a Change of Tune
Let’s Sing, “You Are My Sunshine” in Voices strong and clear
For this wriggling New Life so dear
Held close to my Dying Breast and Beating Heart
Voices that will always be a part
Of this Family’s Legacy
Right now, and in years to come”
‘Yes, Mama….”
“Daughter are you Crying Tears of Joy
Over this Precious Great-Grand-Baby Boy”
“Yes, Mama, but I’m not Crying
The Drops rolling down my cheeks are Rain”
“Oh Daughter, you, and your Imagination”
“Yes Mama, Rain Drops
‘Cause it takes Sunshine and Rain Drops
To Make things take Root and Grow
Sunshine and Rain Drops
And Life’s little ordinary Miracles of Love

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Mirella Ionta2014-05-06 00:33:00
So beautiful and nice!

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