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Easter's Mystical Realism
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-20 13:14:26
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Yes, Easter is Mystical.  Yes, Easter is Reality.
Not the pagan Easter of Spring, and hippity-hoppin’, Egg-layin’ bunnies or marshmallow Peeps, or chocolate Easter Eggs, but the Easter of Christ - Jesus.  The Mystical Human Being who Sacrificed His Life in order to Save the World - to Save Humankind from all of its Iniquities and InEquities.
Christ was Born.  Christ was Crucified.  Christ has Risen (with the ongoing Perpetuity on the Present and Future inherent in the word ‘Has’ Risen).
Yes, Easter is a Commemoration of the thorny, bloody, tortuous Suffering and Death (“Father, ForGive them for they Know not What they Do”) of Christ upon a wooden cross in the Middle East Over-Ruled and Over-Seen by the mighty and voracious Roman Empire, and its acolytes.
But, Christ, as a Human Being was in a very Symbolic and Interpersonal Way Born, Crucified and Risen during his 40 Day Personal Journey and Fasting in a remote Wilderness area, before He began his Public Ministry.
It was during this Fasting and Journey that Christ had to contend with the Devil and Temptation in Person, and very much Alone.
In the Biblical Books (Chapters) of Matthew and Luke we are told that the Devil first tried to seduce Christ with his own Hunger - his own Physical Needs.  The Devil said, “If you are the Son of God, command this Stone to become Bread.”  And Jesus answered, “It is Written, that Man shall not Live by Bread Alone.”
In essence, Christ would not Betray His Essence - his Deep Knowledge of Who He was (and Is) to the Needs or weaknesses of his Body of Flesh, Blood and Bone.  And during Easter, the Body that he Sacrificed HimSelf to during his 40 Day Interpersonal Journey into the Wilderness with the Devil, transmutates into the Bread of Life, and his Sacrificial Blood Becomes the Blood of Life.  He Becomes the ingested Food of the Spirit.  A Mystical Reality.
“You are to Love (and Treat) your Neighbor as Yourself.”
The Second Temptation involved the Devil taking Jesus to Jeruselem to the highest part of the Temple.  Then the Devil said, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down.  He will give His Angels charge of you, and On their Hands will they bear you Up, lest you strike your foot against a Stone.”
To which Christ answered, “You shall not Tempt the Lord your God.”  Jesus refused to give into the Hubris the Devil was trying to seduce Him to feel and act upon.  Christ Knew Who He Was (Is).  He Knew His Essential Being, and the Ripple Effects of his present and future Teachings and Actions  He Knew His Purpose, and had nothing to prove to the Devil or to HimSelf.  He refused to be corrupted by doubts or vanities.  He Chose to Become, and Realize His, and the World’s, Mystical Reality.
The Third (Or in the Book of Luke the Second Temptation - even disciples, and the priests translating, and incorporating their accounts, have the Freedom of Will to dispute numerical sequencing) Temptation involved the Devil taking Jesus to a high mountain, where the red-tailed and black-horned Bad Boy put in charge of the World showed Christ, “All the Kingdoms of the World, and the Glory of them”, and said, “All these I will Give you, if you will fall down and worship me.”
To which Christ answered, “Begone, Satan”, and said, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him shall you Serve.”  Jesus once again renounced His Needs.  His Hubris.  His Doubts and Vanities to Serve God - to Serve Humankind.  He Sacrificed and Died to HimSelf, so that He could be Born Anew, and Rise to Serve God, and All of Humanity.  He Became His and the World’s Loving, Compassionate, Empathetic, Service-oriented, Free Willed Mystical Reality.  And then the rest of the World finally began to catch up to Christ’s Mystical Reality on Calvary, and at an empty Tomb from which He Ascended.
Christ was Born.  Christ was Crucified.  Christ has Risen.  He BeCame the Phoenix Cyclical Awakening of every Human Being’s Interpersonal Mystical Reality, if they so Choose.  For He is a Mystical Reality Destroyed and Created by and through God and His Own Mind, Heart, Body and Soul’s Free Will, as are We All.

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