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Ba-ba-Ya-ga's Mystical Tea Leaves
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-18 13:17:56
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“Come in, come in, Little Ba-Boush-ka, what brings you to my door today ?”
“Thank you, Ba-ba-Ya-ga, I apologize for dropping by so unexpectedly,”  Ba-Boush-ka said meekly, whisking her long skirts into the large, cavernous room.  Shelves loaded down with dusty, indescribable glass bottles, boxes, hanging drying herbs and other strange things surrounded the walls of the shadowy, sun dappled room.
“Nonsense, Little One, I am rarely greeted by the UnExpected,” the old Saging Woman cackled.
masked01_400Ba-ba-Ya-ga made Ba-Boush-ka nervous, but she did not agree with what most people said in town about the Old Wise Woman of the Woods.  Yes, she was odd, and spent her time alone studying the Workings of Nature, and other things, but Ba-ba-Ya-ga was not dangerous, as everyone else seemed to think that she was.
“Go ahead, Little Ba-Boush-ka, tell Ba-ba-Ya-ga what troubles you,” the Old Wise Woman offered.
“I am afraid, Ba-ba-Ya-ga.  The Ukraine is falling apart.  Putin, and his Russians decided to take over the Crimea for Economic and Patriotic Reasons, and now he is poking and prodding at the rest of Ukraine.  Some Ukrainians want to be a part of Russia and do Business with Russia, and some do not.  They want to align with and do business with the West,”  Ba-Boush-ka explained.
“The Ukraine is at war with itself, and many are suffering.  Many, like me, are afraid, and worried about what to do and what is to come.”
“There are Men in Masks, hiding their Identities.  Some say they are Thugs or Russian Agents Paid by Russia to Burn, Pillage and Bully others into submission to Russia or incite others into Patriotic frenzies of destruction,”  Ba-Boush-ka hung her head in despair and sighed.
“Yes, Ba-ba-Ya-ga is Aware of all of these things.  The Men in Masks are Overtly Covert Walking and Talking Destructive Pawns of the Agendas of the Individual and Corporate Oligarchs using Putin and his cronies and cohorts, and Russia’s pride-filled Nationalism and Patriotism to manipulate and skew National and World Affairs and Energies to their Plans - their Wills,”  Ba-ba-Ya-ga said matter-of-factly.
Surprised, Ba-Boush-ka found herself genuinely smiling for the first time in weeks.  “You do understand, Ba-ba-Ya-ga.  How can you know these things when you hardly ever leave your Home in the Woods.”
“Ba-ba-Ya-ga has little birds from the city who have relatives in the Woods.  They keep all of us informed of the Human’s comings and goings.”
“Worry not, Little Ba-Boush-ka, what will Be will Be.  It is all Hocus-Pocus and Slight of Tongue and Hand, Hair of Gnewt and Castles of Sand.  Nothing to trouble your head over, Little Ba-Boush-ka.  Your concerns are more immediate.”
“And what concerns are those, Ba-ba-Ya-ga ?”
“While Global Oligarchs continue to fight over Ukraine’s Land and Sea Rights over territories rich with gas and oil, my Kettle is boiling, Ba-Boush-ka, and Ba-ba-Ya-ga’s Special Tea is ready to serve.”
“Ah Tea !”  Ba-Boush-ka said with delight.  “How wonderful, Ba-ba-Ya-ga, there is a bit of a chill in the air.  And Ba-baYa-ga, is this your Special Tea ?  Will you read the Tea Leaves for me ?”
“Perhaps, we shall see. Little Ba-Boush-ka.  But first, there is something I’d like to add to the Special Tea today.  Let me see, where did I put that old
Jar ?  Ah, here it is.  Yes, yes, just what is needed, found amongst the cobwebs and spiders.  Our Special Tea shall be enhanced by the Juice of Adam and Eve’s Apple plucked from Eden’s Tree.  A drop or two of Mystical Apple Cider shall go into our Kettle of Tea.  And the Riddles purposefully spun throughout the Global Games of Putin and his Masters, and many Other Players Seen and UnSeen will reveal themselves more clearly, come and See.”
“Oh gladly, Ba-ba-Ya-ga, and thank you.”
“Do not thank me yet, Little Ba-Boush-ka, the Sight that brings Deeper Knowledge is not always the desirable thing it is cracked up to be.”
“Why the warning, Ba-ba-Ya-ga ?  Are you trying to frighten me ?”
“No more than you already are, Little Ba-boush-ka, because what you left outside that door still exists, and Ba-ba-Ya-ga’s conjurings and cogitations always carry a price.”
“Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, Little Ba-Boush-ka.  You, like me, are so much more complex and complicated than what you appear to be.  At first glance, I am but an Old Crone, slow of step and mind.  But in Reality, I am nothing of the kind.”
“And you, Ba-Boush-ka, you have so many other Ba-Boush-kas hiding away deep within you just waiting to be revealed.  Each Revelation, more revealing than the next.  There are many Ba-Boush-kas Looking simultaneously at this Old Crone - this old Ba-ba-Ya-ga at this very moment.”
“Come, come, Ba-Boush-ka, let us sip on our Cups of Special Tea with drops of Mystical Apple Cider and Read the Patterns of the Leaves.”
As Ba-Boush-ka sipped on her Cup fragrant Tea, Ba-ba-Ya-ga stirred her Hearth Fires.  “The Men with Masks are building their fires as I build mine here for brewing our Special Tea, but they are building and brewing their own particular malodorous concoctions of Broken Bones and Stones.”
“Ah, I will begin our Reading with my Cup of Leaves,”  Ba-ba-Ya-ga announced suddenly.  “If the Nations are Stewing, Breaking, Burning and Chewing one another asunder from within and without - that all consuming Chaos will be used as a di-version.  The Individual and Corporate Global Oligarchs have easier access to Everything through confounding confusion and Hope-killing Chaos.  See the leaves at the bottom of the Cup.  It’s all there, Patternings of contagious Self and Other Destruction and Despair.”
“Oh, Ba-ba-Ya-ga, this cannot be !”  Ba-Boush-ka cried out in alarm.
“Ba-ba-Ya-ga’s Special Tea never lies, but the Patterns of the Tea can Change.  One stir, two by the right Hearts, Minds and Souls at the right alignment in Time and Space, and all Patterns swirl, spiral and whirl into other Patterns within Patterns.”
“Ba-ba-Ya-ga has never drunk the Global Oligarch’s Moo-lah Tea.  Other Teas and Energies matter more to me.  But those that do, find Moo-lah Tea to be a very Destructively Addictive Brew.  The Drinkers and Addicted Enjoyers of Moo-lah Tea Seek Excess not Balance in all things.  They do not Seek to Create Patterns as much as they Seek to Control them.”
“What does Moo-lah Tea have to do with Oligarchs, Putin and Russia, Ba-ba-Ya-ga ?”
“They are all Moo-lah Puppets (Ching !  Ching !).  Moo-lah can Make them Do and Say anything (Ching !  Ching !).  But ReMember, Little Ba-Boush-ka, Moo-lah is not EveryThing.  And there are those not hopelessly addicted to Moo-lah.”
“This is harsh and hard news, indeed, Ba-ba-Ya-ga.”
“The World has always been so, Little Ba-Boush-ka.  ReMember Eden’s Apple swirling through your Cup of Tea ?  As you Bite in Anticipation of the Eden’s Apple’s Sweet Fruit, a Serpent’s bite simultaneously awaits you.  Finding our way Beneficially and Safely between the two Bites is the Ultimate Purpose and Goal.  That is the Way of Things.”
“But how can someone like me make a difference, Ba-ba-Ya-ga ?  What should I do ?”
“That is not for me to Say, Little Ba-Boush-ka, but must be left up to you.  But before you go, have another Cup of Special Tea with Mystical Apple Cider, and ask yourself where you Stand in the midst of Things and Changing Patternings.  Drink your Tea, let the warmth of its Ancient Deeper Knowledge grow clear and strong.  Sip it slow, then off you go.”
“Thank you, Mother Ba-ba-Ya-ga.  I am Grateful for this Cup of Tea and the Hope-filled Knowledge of Changing and Changeable Patternings more than you will ever know.”

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