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7.1 Million Sighs of Relief
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-13 11:01:56
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Have you Heard ?  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act - thanks to ObamCare stickin’ it out, and stickin’ in there, despite great backlash from the Republican/Tea Party, FOX News, El Supremo Rancido Limberger and other Air Jockey Right (Broken) Winged Propaganda cohorts. cronies and thugs-a-lugs, etc…, 7.1 Million greatly Relieved and Grateful Americans can Afford, and have Signed-up for, and/or have already Received HealthCare Insurance and Medical Care for what ails them.  Halleluiah !
Can you Hear the 7.1 Million Sighs of Relief ?
Americans can no longer be dejectedly rejected by UnHealthy HealthCare Insurance Companies because they have the audacity to be Ill with or dormantly carrying Pre-Existing Maladies or Dis-eases.  In the past, Heaven Forbid if you walked into their usurious offices (ching-ching !) and sniffled or sneezed !  Nor can they cast you aside to rot and writhe with some mean-spirited pre-existing Money Cap or boot you off of your HealthCare Insurance policies if you happen to BeCome seriously Ill. 
What a New Deal !
HealthCare Insurance Companies can no longer charge Women more moo-lah, just because they are Women (intricately complex Beings that they truly are).
Have you Heard ?  The rumbling Hope that the Affordable Care Act is just the first Major step toward Universal HealthCare for One and All ?
Thank you President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Others for your Compassionate Strength of Vision, Will and Purpose for a Better Future LandScape and HealthScape for All Americans.
Thank you President Obama, and all of the democrats who Supported and helped to Motivate your Efforts to Move America toward a Societal Norm of EveryOne being able to Afford HealthCare Insurance and Claim their Basic Human Right of Good Health, Quality of Life, and Increased Opportunities due to the Good Health the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) will ensure each and every American.
Can you Hear those 7.1 Million sighs of relief Growing in Number ?
Have you Heard…………….?

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