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A Tapestry of Horses
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-10 10:11:57
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The simply woven Tapestry
Upon an Ordinary wall
The beautiful Tapestry of Horses, simply woven,
And tacked upon an Ordinary wall
Reveals it All -
It is a Refusal of the Apocalypse - of Apocalyptic Thinking
Of ancient Excuses conjured up for diminishing and destructive
Rantings, Ravings and Cravings - of Armageddon
The Tapestry’s Herd of Four Horses
Are not Ancient Future Harbingers of Fear and Death
They are the Beautiful and Powerful Steeds
Of Earthly and Cosmic Envisionings of Shamanic Wisdom
Shamanic InSights and Distant Space-and-Time-Sights
Of Galactic Flights into The Great - the perhaps Knowable UnKnowns
horses01_400The Four Horses
Their Thundering Hooves
Vibrate and Resonate
Within the very Bones, Histories and Ethers of Humanity
Of all Creative Destructions and Destructive Creations
The Black Horse Calls Us - Beckons Us
To Walk into DreamScapes and Choose
To Ride the Black Steed into the Black Void
Of Questionings and Answering -
Questionings and Answerings
Churning Cosmic Dust and Winds
Into Whirling Dervishes of Ascensions and De-scensions
Energetic Stasis and Dynamism
Celestial Ebb and Flow
Things UnSeen
Things We Know
The Yellow Horse whinnies
That it will Carry Humanity to where Illumination Lives and Sings
Illumination, The Sacred Chanter
The Curious Teacher who Seeks to Illuminate ThemSelves
In order to Carry and Plant the Seeds of that Illumination to Others
The Red Horse stamps its hooves
Raises its head high
And prances Playfully around the other Three
Red Horse nickers and tells Us that it will Teach Us
To Balance Work and Play
Heavy Life’s Medicines Bitter-Sweet
With Experiences of Joy and Delight
Red, will give Us the Gifts of Humor and Laughter
Right Now and Forever After
The White Horse is the Message Carrier
For the Black, Yellow and Red Horses
The White Horse is Wisdom in Power
The White Horse ReMinds Us - Remembers Us that
‘No abuse of Power will ever Lead to Wisdom’
What a Cosmic and Earthly Tapestry of Hope and Transformation
Devolving Entropies and Evolving Restorations
Inhalations and Exhalations
The Whole Cosmos Breathes and Sings
And the Four Horses gallop Powerfully
Across Earthly Plains and Valleys
And DreamScapes and CosmicScapes
And Inner and outer Realities
Forever On the Move
These Four Horses
The Black, The Yellow, The Red, The White
Weave and Will into Being and Seeing
The simply woven Tapestry
Upon an Ordinary wall
That brought to Mind and Reality
An old Arapaho Myth
An ExtraOrdinary Memory
A simple Thread of Tapestry
Responding beautifully and wonderfully
To the woven Horses
Tacked upon an Ordinary wall.

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