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God's Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity's Religious Rights
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-03 10:21:31
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“Nope,  a Corporation is not a Person, Boss.  A Corporation is a Collective Entity that can manipulate, override, overrun and ultimately control a Truly Singular Person’s Rights and Life.”
“Boss, if you tell a Megalith Corporate Entity, soley interested in Profits, Profit Making and pleasing its Investors and CEO’s that it has the same Rights as an Individual, living, breathing Singular Person you’ll ruin this democracy !”
boss01“This flakey, fakey legal twistin’ in the wind and wrigglin’ in strategy to say that a Corporate Entity has the right to Religious Freedom will open Pandora’s Box open wide, Boss.  Hobby-Lobby’s, Mr. Green, and others, are creating a Democracy Eating Machine.  That monstrosity and Citizen’s United millionaire and billionaire’s Money and Power Making Machine will gobble-up our democracy !  Can’t you see ?  Do you really think that God wants all of that to happen to America and to plain ’ole every-day, hard working Americans ?”  Lucy-Loo asked in desperation and consternation.
“No Contraception for you, Lucy-Loo.  You should have thought twice before shakin’ up with Mr. MaGoo.  And it is my Corporate Entity’s Individual Religious Right to Religious Freedom that will put a stop to you doing with your Life what you want to do.” 
“I, Mr. Boss-Man intend to take that Right away from you, Lucy-Loo especially if you work for me !  Hee-hee !  I tell you with glee !  I will defy the Law of the Land, the Affordable Health Plan, because it is what God would have me to do,  Whoo-whoo !”
“Yes, Lucy-Loo, I have heard that according to the Bible that People walked for hours and miles and miles to hear the Messages and Teachings of Christ, and to be Healed by Christ.”
“Yes, yes, I have heard that Christ Healed physical maladies and Dis-eases of those who sought his Healing Words and Touch.  Yes, yes, that he Healed the Mentally Ill.  That he ordered their Demons to flee from their Minds and Bodies and that the Demons did just that.” 
“Yes, yes, that the Dis-eased, the Crippled, the Dying, and even the Dead pled, ’Give me a Miracle !  Make me a Miracle !  And Christ did.”
“Yes, yes I know all of these things and more, Lucy-Loo.  What does that have to do with my Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity’s demand for Religious Freedom, and not being forced to pay for any Woman’s Individually and Socially Responsible, Proper and Just Health Care - Responsible, Proper and Just Family Planning - Responsible, Proper and Just Contraception, just because they think that they have the Right not to have a Family until they want one.” 
“What poppycock !  Who do these Women think that they are ?  I’ll tell them what they are.  They are My Employees, and I am their ruling Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity telling them, “No !  You will do it my way.  And my way is God‘s Way, not yours.”
“My God is like me.  He is an intrusive, punitive, manipulative, overriding, and overrunning God.  I work for him.  He owns me.  You work for me.  I own you.  God tells me what is to happen to you and your Body.  And I tell you what happens to you and your Body.” 
“No Affordable Health Care for you.  No Individually and Socially Responsible, Proper and Just Family Planning for you, Lucy-Loo !  Your Doctor and You are not the Boss of this Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity,  I am.  And my God says that I can make you do anything I want you to do as long as you work for me, and I say that God thinks that I am Right and that you are Wrong.  God says that I am the Righteous and that you are the Sin and the Sinner, Woman !”
“You cannot make me pay for something I do not agree with or see Eye-to-Eye with you about.  You are my Employee.  I pay for a portion of your Health Insurance, and so I Own and Rule over you and your Body.  That is my Right as a Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity, and my Right as your Employer, and my Right of Religious Freedom under a Constitution meant to Serve Singular-Person-Corporate-Entities like me.  Not puny Responsible, Proper and Just Family Planning Sinners like you,
Lucy-Loo !”
“And later, after the Supreme Court destroys this part of the Affordable Care Act, me and my Pals will go after the rest of it, and much, much more.  We will tear it, and oh so much more to shreds.” 
“No not everyone in the United States of America deserves or should have Affordable Health Care.  If you can’t afford Healthcare, you shouldn’t get any.  It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity World out there, Lucy-Loo.  Only the strong, powerful and rich survive.  And Singular-Person-Corporate-Entities are just that - strong, powerful and rich Survivors and Overseers.”
“Why, Lucy-Loo, do you continue to bring up Christ’s Healing the Bodies and Minds of others for free ?  Doing it simply because He could, and knew that He should for the ultimate Betterment of Individuals and Societies.  How do you know that he did it for free ?  Healing is a Profitable Business.  As a Prophet and Son of God, I‘m sure that Christ charged a fee.”
“Abort this line of conversation Lucy-Loo or I may have to fire you, which is my Right to Do.  As a Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity, I will soon have the Power to say what kind of Insurance and HealthCare coverage you will or will not be allowed to have, and for which you will primarily pay.”
“And later, God will tell my Conscience that I am to be more Prudent within my Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity’s Business and Pay you even Less per Hour than I do now.  That paying you Less will make me a better Steward of my Holdings in God’s Eyes.  That it is my Religious Right to pay you Less.  That it is my Religious Right to mistreat and fire you because you are Gay.  That it is my Religious Right to mistreat and fire you because you are a Color or Breed which offends me.  That it is my Religious Right to mistreat and fire you because I own you.  I have a Right to you.  And I am taking away all of your Rights so that I can have my Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity’s Rights over you, Lucy-Loo !  And every Employee like you !  Whoo -whoo !”
“Why do you keep bringing up Christ’s focus on Healing the Sick, the Poor, the Down Trodden, the Lepers, the Invisibles, the Least of the Least ?  Why do you continue to remind me of Christ’s true Messages of Universal Love Compassion, Humble Equality of Spirit and Responsible Free Will ?”
“What does all of that have to do with God and I attaining my ultimate Singular-Person-Corporate-Entity’s Rights, Strength, Power and Control, Lucy-Loo ?
What ?!

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