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The Game Is Over
by Kufre Udeme
2014-04-01 09:00:52
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The Game Is Over

Why frown like the flesh of an old woman?
Why stiffen and quiet like a gravestone?
Relax, dear lady, and listen:

man01_400_01I didn't forget your birthday
I chose not to remember it;
For what difference would my wishes make,
When your heart longs only for gift?
And what good would the gifts bring
Than a faint smile and empty hug?

Dear lady, I'm sick and tired of your game.
In the past I used to leap when I hear your name,
But now, no more excitement.

There's no space for me in your heart.
There's no place to lodge, even for a day.
I prayed and hoped for a change,
But your pretence worsen the issue day by day.
Little wonder in days of no wads and packages,
Our meetings are boring and end up in dispute.

How long will you be smart, dear lady
And I, a muku?
No, the game is over!

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