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Once Upon Us
by David Sparenberg
2014-03-29 11:48:53
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Let us not forget ancient ones still powerful within us.  Not those brutes who rage from fallen empires
of inhuman time.  Not encroaching, the ever encroaching, degrees of death.  But the shaman-sages, tantrics, who walk in ways of blessing.
horizon01_400Behold but yonder: coming on new pure horizon, a rainbow aura of life's messenger!  Is that not you, my loving friend?
It was bitterness out of ego's disappointment that first found creation evil and passed the curse along, marking foreheads of descendants, twisting their souls until they departed earth in agony.
It is by grace now and peace of mind that beauty and balance begin returning.  Once upon us the need opens self-aware to visualize its longing.
Miracle!  The overflowing sweetness of embrace--enrapturing the tongue like wild fresh honey--offers to earth, earth's angels and earth's children, the elixir of dreaming.  It is not your breath, on lips of dahlia, my loving friend, that gives this ecstasy once more to life?
David Sparenberg
23 March 2014


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SpiritCallsUs2014-03-29 18:30:52
Well said !!!

Leah Sellers2014-03-30 08:32:42
Mr. David,
Sir, your wondrous Work and Art always move me. Thank you.

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