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Putin's Push
by Bohdan Yuri
2014-03-19 10:11:33
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Robert Gates was spot on with his assessment and prediction of the situation in Ukraine and so was Hillary Clinton.

put01_400_01Putin will not stop with Crimea. During this initial stage of  conquering, he will not settle for less than Eastern Ukraine included. As for the western half, if not now then it can be attached later, using the same method probably, infiltrate the countryside, take control when the time comes. Unfortunately, the time for empire building should be a thing of the past and this result if allowed would be akin to Neville Chamberlain's mistaken assessment of Adolph Hitler.

Militarily, just look at the geographical control of the region. Economically, Putin's Russia  already controls the energy supply. What more does the West want to give Russia. Would either western leader stand for such an intrusion into their country, and demand? Of course not, then why is it allowed in Ukraine.

We as a civilization should be enhancing our breath of knowledge and understanding in the most generous of ways, not as bullies.

But since reality dictates that we persist in perceptual conflict then perhaps we should at least start addressing this situation in the most obvious and civilized way first, starting with the rule of law.

I would assume that Russia's action may have violated the lease agreement which they had signed with Ukraine. If that is the case then it is time for Ukraine to post an eviction notice through the Hague, the UN, or whichever court might fit the mode. If Putin should still defy then you will see that "conquering" dictators still live amongst us and even sponsor Olympic Games.

So far Putin has been on the offensive and why shouldn't he. No one is truly challenging him. Even the media is looking for ways to split the country. Remember, no one challenged Hitler when he occupied and annexed land. This kind of aggression should also not be rewarded with any kind of favorable diplomatic solution.

It's time for the Russian propaganda machine to be challenged in the court of law first. And if justice will be served then Ukraine will have all the bases in Crimea restored and ALL Russian forces will have been evicted from Ukraine. If Russia refuses, then just as JFK had to stand up, so should the west confront the bully.

And let's remember that Crimea was once a part of the Kievan Rus (Ukraine) kingdom before the Mongol horde's western invasion, after which the Tatars became the primary inhabitants. As for Russia, (Moscow) that kingdom became after Ukraine's Kiev. But always, Moscow sought to rule beyond their cold and icy realm and Ukraine was the region's most sought after jewel. So if it's a matter of who owned it first, then how far back should we go...and which dictator was the last?

Let's just deal with the present day treachery at hand first and not pretend that this game can be resolved with any kind of capitulation. Only an expulsion will serve as justice now and anything short of that will be an injustice.

Is the West prepared to stand and deliver?


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Emanuel Paparella2014-03-19 10:46:35
Good reflections and good final question, unfortunately it does not appear that the West has learned the 1930s lesson of the appeasement of bullies and so the question may well fall on deaf ears. That such may be the case is belied by the fact that the West is more interested in “market values” sold culturally as the spreading of progress and prosperity (even religion has become marketable!), than in discovering its cultural identity and standing up to the Machiavellian manipulating bullies of this world whose first priority is power for power’s sake and have no inkling of what freedom and democracy may be all about. I am afraid that things will have to get much worse before they get any better. Time will tell. It always does, sooner or later.

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