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Yep, Yep, Da, Da, Secession-Invasions
by Leah Sellers
2014-03-17 10:42:52
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Yep, Yep, Da, Da, Secession-Invasions
Bish-Boom-Bah !
put01_400According to many of the Republican/Tea Partiers and the screechin’, scratchin’ War Hawks, every Aggressive, Oppressive, Bullying move Russia’s bare-chested, muscle flexin’, horseback ridin’ President Putin has made is Good and Forceful Leadership.  He’s a Manly-Man !
Especially when you compare Manly-Man President Putin to America’s Professorial, Basketball Playin’ and Hoopin‘, Two-Fern (Just sayin’), President Obama’s Thoughtfully Measured Economic and Sociologically impacting Sanctions and Diplomatic Maneuverings opposing Putin’s Manly-Man Aggressively invasive machinations upon Ukraine, and Lord knows Who and What else.
That’s right, President Obama.  Most of the screechin’, scratchin’ Republican/Tea Partiers want you to put Your, and America’s, dukes up, load up your, and America’s, Guns, Tanks, Bombs, Ships, Air Craft, Drones, etc…, and give and show Putin What’s What.
By the way, just What is What ?
Let’s See, Crimea is a part of the sovereignty of the Nation State Ukraine, that Putin’s been rentin’ military space from, and housing military troops within, and fantasizing for years about Re-turning to Russia so that things can Be the way they used to Be in the Good ‘Ole Days of the USSR.
Crimea is the primary reason that the ousted Putin Puppet got Voted into office in the first place.  And when he jumped completely into Putin’s lap Economically and Socially, and closed the doors to dealing with the European Union and the West, he literally put his country into an uproar, and decided to run away to Papa Putin for safety and a Military Strong Arm. 
All or None Governmental Policies have a tendency to rankle Voting Citizen’s wanting the Freedoms to Choose whom they deal with Economically and Socially.
Yep, Putin’s got Russian Troops invading Ukraine/Crimea to protect Crimeans from their fellow Crimean/Ukrainians.
Yep, Putin’s Military Forces are running around Crimea taking over townships and other Ukrainian Military Bases in Face Masks looking like Universal Soldiers with hidden identities (shhh, we’re really invading Russians) and hidden agendas of Invasion and a Crimean take over, because many of the Crimean/Ukrainians speak Russian.  And Russian speaking Crimeans must be protected from Crimean/Ukrainians who don’t speak Russian.
And because all of these things have been Said and Acted upon, now Crimeans claim that they want to Secede from Ukraine.  And they are saying it in Russian.
Hmmm, much like the Texas Republican/Tea Partiers who want to Secede from the US of A, because they speak English.  And Tea Partyin’/Republicans who speak English with a Southern Drawl must Raise Up and Shoot their Guns while Standin’ Their Ground - must be protected from American’s who don’t speak English with a Southern Drawl, Y’all.  Because anyone who Speaks or Thinks differently from them must be a Pinko-Stinko, SubHuman Mongrel !  Grrrrrrr !
See ?!  As Human Beings we are all so much more alike than we are different.
Does anyone Feel another Suitin’ Putin Future Invasion comin’ down the Pike ?  Yep, Yep, Da, Da, Secession-Invasions, Bish-Boom-Bah !
Are we all Speakin’ the same Russian/Crimean/Ukrainian,. English/Texan/American Language now ?
Da, Da, Yep, Yep, are we all on the same Page in History yet ?
Who’s Writin’ this Global Play Book anyway ?  Perhaps, we should all take a Pause and Re-Consider the Meanings and the Futures of the Languages we’re Choosing or being Invaded upon to Speak.  Da !  Yep !  Y’all !

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