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Essence of Heaven
by David Sparenberg
2014-03-22 11:12:57
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When the report arrives that the end of the world is at hand, what are we to do?
heaven01_400First we must stop the traffic—the fossil fuel pollution and the mechanical noise.  Then everyone should bring a table from their home, and place table against table for the course of the streets.  Then food and drink should be brought out and placed upon the tables.
Next everybody, meaning everyone without exception, should gather on both sides of the abutting tables, meaning the banquet chain; the great chain of commensality.  And we should hold hands throughout, feeling the presence of our neighbors, and pray, “Together we give thanks for the goodness of this moment, together we give thanks for the beauty of being alive.”
Then, if the report of the end of the world is true, we will depart in a mutuality of grace and arrive in a mutuality of joy.  But if the report of the end of the world is false, let us rejoice (with even the least among us) having at last come to realize the essence of the kingdom of heaven.
David Sparenberg
27 Jan. 2014

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Carol2014-04-16 19:02:51
I like this a LOT!

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