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Into Transhuman
by David Sparenberg
2014-03-15 13:06:03
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INTO TRANSHUMAN (also Trance-Human)

Only in the perfect form, in angel, is the human being more delightful than animal.
Only in the perfect form, in angel, is the human being more dignified than animal.
human01_400Only in the perfect form, in angel, does the human being contribute quality, a subtlety beyond animal power that justifies human presence.
If you, you personally, do not embrace the animal, you are a stranger and barely belong here—having fallen into estrangement, having become a breed apart.
If you, you personally, the individuated shaman-warrior, do not seek out the angel, you are lost—existentiated into enslavement, fragmentation, into addictions of social madness, and inner poverty.
Without angel what can you give that is not already given in the florabundance of life?
Without animal how can you live in balance with all relations?
Without instinct, without intuition, contemplation and emotional intelligence; without the tri-form of intimate ecosophy; without piety,  pity and pathos, without imagination, how can you be an icon of celebration , or one galaxy of the cosmic hallelujah?
Like council elders of totem clans, like ancient sages of Tao, like Irish monks of other Dark Ages, and angelologists, the whirling watchers, of Sufi orders, children of renewal now embrace Earth changes and live in the narrative truth-force and passion-play of lovers, for return to the Beauty Way.
on evolution’s spiral of consciousness do you choose to dance?  Where in the mandala of creation do you write the calligraphy of your soul?
For guidance, friend, seek into the transhuman (also trance-human), following delight of wild animals, and mirroring dignity on face of the angel.  …Then…
when you are earthen trinity through morphing, you are Self: you are plenum, you are prophet and prophecy, poet and poetry, you are mystic and Eden, you are avatar—yes—you are whole.
David Sparenberg
20 Jan. 2014


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fay2014-03-15 19:48:09

Rory2014-03-23 16:48:12
Reconnecting Heaven & Earth thank you

Windhorse2014-03-25 12:11:45
Eloquently, poetically and assertively stated...thankyou for yet further Dimensions within to reach for our Wholeness, David!

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