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Steel Towers
by Nikos Laios
2014-02-24 11:17:32
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Steel Towers

picture_2asfgmdhg_400Like sentinels,
Towers penetrate the
Sun as we scurry
Like crabs in
The sand.

Trains clatter along
The tracks through the bowls
Of the city,the morning light
Filters,while millions of
Blinds open,and
I wonder.

Thick rain falls,
I close my eyes;
Spiced sailor's rum
They called it.

It did take me on a journey;
To the Caribbean,
The kettle drums playing
The reggae floating;
What it would been like
Sailing the spice routes.

Sails and pantaloons blowing,
Buxom wenches flowing;
As rogues,and
Pirates roamed.

I drift back to the present,
While the homeless drift
Amongst the towers,
Scraps of paper swirling down
The street,while the rest of us curl
Up in our warm ignorance,
And I become aware.

Then the night came, and
I heard the muffled jazz notes
Echo,mingling with the
Midnight fog,the sound scrolling
Down the cobblestones,couples
Strolling,the aroma of snapper
And bream wafting as fat
Bass notes jumped and
Squealed out of clubs
Announcing our

Naked and alone we stand;
Naked and alone we come,
Naked and alone we go.

For all we'll ever
Have is now.


A poem from the collection “A change of feelings” written by Nikos Laios


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


Nikos Laios, North Sydney, Australia


From the Greek magazine apopseis


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bohdan2014-02-25 05:00:22
I enjoyed reading it.

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