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Travelers and Troubadours
by David Sparenberg
2014-02-25 10:42:07
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If we human beings are to survive—the invasive, the omnipresent yet likely non-essential, the catastrophic we have become—we must learn to live in peace.  No more manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, no more using rape in campaigns of ethnic cleansing and genocide, no more building concentration camps, forging armies and military brothels out of stolen children, no more terror, torture, anti-personnel bombs targeting civilian populations or stockpiled chemical and biological strategies of havoc and indiscriminate death. 
trovadure01_400Learning peaceful existence is to root down into the immediate and practice compassionate commensality, along with sustainability, in spontaneities and in rituals of gratitude and celebration—of letting go when time to let go and letting be when it is good to let be.  Such is not learning which is boxed in mind alone, but learning of heart and soul, learning that is radically alive with experiential feelings of love and respect; learning that radiates out into body and consciousness, and that is a giving to other for sake of otherness: a nourishing peace not only with one another, between human and human, between person and person, between neighbor and neighbor—but  a peace with living diversity, with all relations, with this very Earth and wisdom, justice and miracle of networking biotic systems: of life and the living, over many treks and paths and courses. 
A condition is meant hereby, yet not a condition devoid of the antithetical, of paradox, of differences in individuating processes, but a liberating out of hierarchies and anthropocentric ideologies, dogmas, false inflations and endgame fixations.
Yet anyone could conclude that over multiple generations there has been sufficient time for peace to become the way of humanity—peace as a soulful plenum and not war and warmongering, profiteering and organized mass murder—for an agape of recognition and otherness-embrace to replace the treadmill and buzzsaw patterns, plots, politics and outbreaks of violence and multi-dimensional betrayals.  Sufficient time—yet it is not so that these terms yield fertile and well tended gardens of value to keep existence on this troubled planet secure and dignified, to move back from the brink of extinction, to transform inner swastikas and the sinkholes of our collective shadow, and to break free of addictive spells of apocalypse.
Equally: if we are to survive, we must, step by step, openly repentant, dedicated and honoring, proces in authenticity, yet with haste, toward an ecosophy sufficiently embedded and empowered to evolve beyond the madness of human history and exploitation, and to initiate in ever widening circles a re-genesis of eco-sanity.  To not live in anticipation of transcendent redemption but to come into fruition in the pathos of imminent belonging.  Not to live only and always confined in the confusing, shallow values and endangering directives of an extravagant and profane civilization fatally locked into its own miasma and death wish.  But to transform, and to replace a diseased ego-self with eco-self laboring for liberation through vital relationships, in spheres both human and transhuman, of regenerative responsibility and intimacies of restorative connectivity.
Peace and sanity—such are heart and lungs of survival—the heart that cannot escape beating and remain a heart, the lungs that cannot surrender breathing—to supply blood and oxygen to a holistic, embodied and ensouled future of planetary integrity, diversity, dignity, justice.
Indeed, we must forthwith consider maturely both how we will live with this organism in space as shared home and how we wish to die in the global journey of mortality; both what we choose to carry in memory from pursuits of love and acts of beauty beyond each personal threshold crossing, and what we would bequeath affirmative to those who will walk the red path of Earth behind us: travelers and troubadours of the numinous, in wakeful passage and watchful pilgrimage through fields of this cosmic sacred.
David Sparenberg
20 Feb. 2014

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Leah Sellers2014-02-26 02:51:53
Brother David,
Sir, Yours is a Beautiful and Bless-ed Soul. Peace and Grace, which are already very much a part of You, Be with You.

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