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Was A'Feared, So, I Stood My Ground
by Leah Sellers
2014-02-22 11:09:19
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“Yep, I was A’Feared.  So, Like all patriotic Floridians, I Stood My Ground. I raised my Gun and Shot that seventeen year old Black Boy playin’ all that loud A’Fearedful soundin’ Music from his bouncin’ and boomin’ automobile.  Thugs listenin’ to Thug Music made me Thuggin’, sluggin’ A’Fearedful and I mowed that Boy down.”
music01_400“I Stood My Ground and asked that Thug Music Boy and his Thug Music Friends to turn their Thug Trash Music down.  He gave me Lip, and made me even more Mad and more A’Feared.  So, I continued to Stand My Ground.  I cocked the trigger on my trusty old Gun and Shot that Black Boy and his Thug Music to Death, and ran away Home.”
“Problem is, the Law found me, and now I’m tryin’ to figure out what Ground it is that I’m Standin’ on in this here Trial for My Life.  I am an Innocent Man simply guilty of Legally Standin’ My Ground.”
“Uh-huh, I’m a Texan who was A’Feared for My Life, and Chose to Stand My Ground.  I asked the man in the movie theatre to get off of his cell phone.  He gave me Lip, and said that he was callin’ his babysitter and checkin’ in on his kids.  He was rude to me, and breakin’ the movie house rules about not usin’ phones durin’ the movie.  So, I was determined to Stand My Ground.”
I went back outside to my car, and grabbed my Gun and marched right back into that movie house.  I think that the Rude Man threw Popcorn at me.  He purposefully made me even more Mad and more A’Feared.  So, I Shot that Rude phone usin’, checkin’ up on his Babysitter and his Kids, no good Punk Dead, right in front of his horrified Wife.”
“I Stood My Ground.  I was A’Feared.  So, I had every Legal Right to Kill him Dead.  Phone Abuse is a serious offense to Mankind.  He Abused his Phone Rights.  And throwin’ popcorn at a man is nothin’ to laugh about.  So, he deserved to Die.  He made me A’Feared.  Made me Stand My Ground.  And made me Legally Shoot him Dead.
“Yep, I walked into the Room and saw a Stranger starin’ right back at me.  Something’ about that Stranger made me A’Feared, and made me want to Stand My Ground.  So, I pulled out my Concealed Hand Gun, Aimed and Fired !”
“The Mirror in front of me shattered into a thousand shiny little pieces.”
“Oops !  I Shot Myself !”
“I was A’Feared of a Reflection of MySelf, gol-durn it !  I Stood My Ground and Killed Myself !  I Shot MySelf into a thousand shiny little pieces of reflectin’ glass !”
“All those thousands of shiny little shards of Lookin’ Glass flew into the air, and fell all over the floor at my Feet.”
I stood there still Standin’ My Ground, starin’ into each and every of those thousands of shiny little pieces of MySelf reflected all around Me.”
“I was made to Be A’Feared.  I Stood My Ground and I blew the Reflection of MySelf into thousands of shiny little pieces of Me.”
“Every Broken piece of Me was A’Feared,  Standin’ My Ground, and Raisin’ My/Our Guns to Kill My/OurSelves Dead !”
“Wonder how many Generations of Bad Luck are Standin’ Our Ground around Me ?”

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