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False Choices Fall Into Harsh Realities
by Leah Sellers
2014-02-18 10:07:44
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“Well, Opy, I got on-line today.” George looked down from the ladder he was standing on, which was leaning against the side of his house.  He was cleaning out his rain gutters, and had called his neighbor, Opy, over to help him. 
“You helpin’ Norma Lou hang her clothes out on the line to dry again, George ?  I thought those days were behind you.”
“Not Norma Lou’s clothes line, Dufus.  The Internet.  I got onto the Computer Norma Lou bought for our daughter Jaimie Lynn.  You do know what a Computer is don’t ya’, Opy ?”
“Yep,  I’ve heard tell of ‘em, but I’m not interested in gettin’ on-line to talk to any of ‘em.  I listen to the Radio Airwave Jocks you know.  And they say that Computers are Spyin’ Machines, George.  These Computer gizmos find out everything they can about ya’, and sell it to Folks who want to steal your Identity.”
“How can anybody steal my Identity from me, Opy ?  I’m still tryin’ to figure out how to Identify myself.”
“The Computers Spy on ya’ with cameras built into the tricky-dicky Machines, and they break into your emails from far-away places you have never even heard of to make sure that you’re not a Terrorist.”
“Harumph !  Sounds to me like they’re the ones doin’ the Terrorizing if what you’re sayin’ is true, Opy.”
“Anyways, Opy, as I was sayin’ I was lookin’ up some info about the ACA by reading’ the new CBO’s big Report on-line.”
“What in tarnation do all of those Alphabet Soup names mean, George ?  Can you give it to me in plain English ?”
“Sure can Opy, but before I get started on that bit of news, will you trade places with me ?  I could use a little break from up here for a while.  If you’re willin’, I can hold the plastic garbage bags while you toss the trash from the gutters down into ‘em.”
“Sounds good to me, George.  I don’t mean to complain or anything, but you’ve missed the bag a couple of times now, and I’m beginnin’ to smell like that that stinkin’, rotten leaves and crud you’ve been diggin’ outta’ your gutters.”
“Sorry about that, Opy.  Hope that doesn’t mean you plan to get a little payback.”
“Depends on what you have to tell me, ha !”  Opy teased.
“Well, the ACA is the Affordable Care Act, alias, ObamaCare HealthCare, and the CBO is the Congressional Budget Office.  The CBO’s big Report is made by a bunch of Big Wigs who guesstimate how the U.S. of A. is goin’ to be doin’ Economically and Culturally in the future.”
“It appears that the Affordable Care Act Folks are gonna give Folks like you and me a Tax Subsidy to help us out.  That means that I can stop hangin’ onto my dead end job with the plumbin’ company I’m with, because I can’t afford for me or mine to be dropped from the Company’s Healthcare Insurance.  But with this new Subsidy they’re offering for HealthCare Coverage, I’m not locked into my Company Job anymore.  I’ll have the Freedom I’ll need to go out and Start up a Business of my Own.”
“I thought you liked plumbin‘, George.  You’re sure good at it.”
“Plumbin’ is alright, but I’ve always wanted to have my own Construction Business.”
“Does Norma Lou know that you’re so good with your hands, George,”  Opy snickered.
“Hey, Opy, you be Respectful.  You know how I feel about Norma Lou and my Family.”
“I meant no offense, George, I was just havin’ a little fun.”
“Not at my Norma Lou’s expense you’re not.  You wanna rib me.  Do it.  But leave my Family out of your Tom Foolery.”
“Alright, alright, George, I got the message.  But you’re the Fool if you ask me.”
“You mind explainin’ that one to me, Opy ?” George asked irritably.
“I listened to FOX news, and the Republican/Tea Partiers, and to El Supremo Rancido Limberger today, and they’re all sayin’ that those Subsidies you’re talkin’ about are goin’ to dis-incentive Folks to work.  That Obamacare will kill off two million jobs !  It’s downright Un-American !  Appears to me that the Man-with-the-Tools is the real Fool around here.”
“Hey, George, watch that ladder will ya’.  Don’t bump into it that a-ways.  You’ll make me drop this whole Bag of Stench down on top of your head.”
“Stop changing’ the subject, Opy !  The Affordable Care Act is not a job killer !  These Subsidies that will make it possible for Folks like me to get my own Individual Health Insurance Plan for me and my Family without havin’ to work for some Company or Corporation or bein’ locked into  workin’ for ‘em for only the amount of money they’ll pay me, are a God   Send !”
“ For the first time in my Life I’ll be Free to Create my own Small Business.  My own Construction Business.  Somethin’ I’ve dreamed of doin’ for a long time, but never could because I was afraid of losin’ my, and my family’s, HealthCare Insurance if I left the Plumbin’ Company I work for now.”
“How is that UnAmerican Opy ?  How is that killin’ Jobs ?  Why those Subsidies are expandin’ Freedom !  Expandin’ my Life’s Choices !  Expandin’ my Opportunites !”
inte01_400“The Affordable Care Act is EmPowerin’ People’s Lives who, like me, thought that they’d never have the Opportunity, Choices, Freedom or Time Needed to go after their Dreams, Build a new Business or try out another kind of Job or Career.”
“So, tell me, Opy.  How is that Un-American ?  How does that make me a Fool ?”
“Aaaaaaaah !  Aaaaaaaaah !’  Opy screamed out as he fell off of the ladder, into the Bag of Stench, knocking George off of his feet and landing on own his derry-aire.
“Good Lord, Opy !  What happened ?”
“Well, George, it appears that I fell off of your gol-durned rickety ladder,”  Opy moaned.  “And I think that I broke my left leg.”
“It does look a little crooked, Opy.  Don’t move.  I’ll call the ambulance.”
“Hold on, George.  I’ve gotta’ think this through.”
“What’s there to think over, Opy ?  I’m telling’ ya’ that you’re leg is broken, and you need a medic.  I don’t want to waste time arguin’ with you about it.  I need to go call 911.”
“Hold on, George.  I don’t have any HealthCare Insurance.  I can’t pay for it.  I lost my job two years ago, and just didn’t want to say anything about it to anyone.  Not even you and Norma Lou.  It’s been real hard on my Missus, because Peggy Joy tells Norma Lou everything.  Or at least she used to.” 
“Anyways, my UnEmployment Benefits just got cut off a couple of months ago by the gol-durned Congress, and Peggy Joy and I have been livin’ on our Savin’s.  And they’re gonna run out soon.  I’m in a real pickle here, George.  A real pickle.”
“Opy, why in the world do you spout out all of that stinkin’ garbage bein’ fed to you, and other Folks like you, that the Republican/Tea Partiers keep ladlin’ out ?  Those Wealthy, out-of-touch Big Wigs, don’t care about Folks like you and me.  They don’t want to make Laws that will help All Americans, Opy.  They’re on the side of the very Big Corporations gobblin’ guys like you and me, and Small businesses up.”
“And you call me a Fool ?  Ha !  I’ll be right back.  Like it or not I’m gettin’ you an ambulance ride to the Emergency Room, and the help you need right now.  We’ll, discuss what to do and where to go from there after that gets done.”
“But I’m a good and loyal Republican/Tea Partier, George.  I don’t want to be dis-loyal to my beliefs.”
“And according to the Republican/Tea Partiers you’re not worth UnEmployment Benefits while you’re out lookin’ for another Job or Subsidies to help you get Health Insurance to cover that broken leg. But the Big Corporations and Republican/Tea Party Congressional Big Wigs are worth all of their Tax Breaks and Subsidies which help them to afford their HealthCare and maintain their Lifestyles.  What Hogwash !”
“I’m not listenin’ to anymore of this Foolishness, Opy.  Because what you and the your Republican/Tea Partyin’ supposed friends are shoveling’ out is pure, Hogwash !  Just like all of the contents of that Bag of Stench you fell into on your way down that ladder.”
“Opy, most Folks in America are just one Fall down a Ladder from bein’ in the stinkin’ pickle you’re in right now.  It’s Dis-graceful !  And if you ask me, that’s what’s downright ImMoral, UnEthical and Un-American !”
“If you ask me, you and this whole Great Nation of Ours needs 911 Emergency Services thanks to the ridiculous political and truly destructive anti-American Games of False Choices that your Republican/Tea Partiers keep wantin’ to play up there in Washington D.C.., and in some of our fifty states.”
“Well, that broken leg of yours, and the broken-down, dysfunctional Congress of Ours that is refusin’ to allow this Nation to pick Herself back up on Her feet, but holdin’ America down just because they’re out to ruin the Honorable Man who is our President and his Legacy, and get a-hold of Power in 2014 and 2016, is runnin’ out of False Choices.  And is quickly Fallin’ into the World of Harsh Realities.  Just like you, Opy.  Only they‘re gonna‘ drag All of Us down the ladder into those stinkin’ Harsh Realities with ‘em, while they spend all of their time tryin’ to weasel out of the very Mess they Made !”
“Now, you just hush up all of that Foolish talk about not gettin’ any help because of your Republican/Tea Partyin’ beliefs and ideas, and lay there quietly while I call 911.  I’ll call your Missus, and Peggy Joy can come on over here and give ya’ mouth-to-mouth.  Bet that’ll keep ya’ quiet.”

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