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Women's History Month
by The Ovi Team
2014-03-01 13:12:01
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WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH - In East London 1-31 March 2014

Women’s groups, artists, activists, arts, media and community organisations are celebrating WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH with a remarkably diverse line-up of exhibitions and events.

women01_400_01Artists exhibiting this year include Carolee Schneemann at Hales Gallery, Camille Henrot at Chisenhale Gallery, and Tania El Khoury and Amy Sharrocks with events at Toynbee Studios. Group shows include Time=Change at the Espacio Gallery with a sweeping perspective on women’s struggle for social, sexual, political and cultural equality, and The Set Up at KK Outlet revealing the sinister side of the fashion industry.

Performances include a season of plays at the Rich Mix exploring the condition of women from a teenage girl boxer to the struggles of a gay girl child growing up in foster care, and the Komola Collective’s production of Birangona:Women of War. Poetry is performed by Dorothea Smartt, Kadija Sesay and Wangui Wa Goro at the All Nations Café in Dalston, Sue Rose, Anna Robinson and Hannah Lowe discuss Personal Archeology at Parasol Unit and authors Sufiya Ahmed and Nadia Ali read from their work at the Tower Hamlets Idea Stores.

Lively talks and discussions covering a wide range of relevant topics include debates on Women’s Work in the 21st Century led by Dr Rosie Cox at the Idea Store Whitechapel, The Real World – Art Gender and the Media at the Whitechapel Gallery and Beg, Borrow, Steal an evening of oratory curated by Laura Dee Milnes at Toynbee Studios.

History is explored with a screening of The Forgotten Heroine – Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible a film by Ceri Dingle at the Worldwrite Centre, an oral history exhibition Where I Belong at the Tower Hamlets Local History Library, Photographs of Spitalfields a Century Ago by CA Mathew at the Eleven Spitalfields Gallery, and at Bishopsgate Institute Rachel Kolsky and Linda Wilkinson conduct local history walks and Rachel Lichtenstein reveals her latest oral history project with Sandy’s Row Synagogue, the oldest Ashkenazi community in London.

Women’s groups and community organisations from all over the East End are putting on special events to celebrate International Women’s Week from 1-8 March. This year they will be placing a particular emphasis on encouraging more women to take part in public life and politics.

Supported by Tower Hamlets Council, Tower Hamlets Partnership and Alternative Arts.

Women’s History Month is co-ordinated by Alternative Arts

Visit www.alternativearts.co.uk for the complete programme

Alternative Arts
Top Studio
Montefiore Centre
Hanbury Street
E1 5HZ

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