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I'm in love with a Celebrity
by Kufre Udeme
2014-02-16 11:56:44
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I'm in love with a celebrity
The feeling is so great and mighty
I'm in love with the worst artist
celeb01Arrogance burning like matches
I thought she was the best of all
Seeing her singing in the hall
Of fame
Her name
Leaping from every lip
Her songs, none could skip
And she dances like an angel
So in love, I fell
It was a long time ago
Then last month I met her on 2go
After sending a million airtime, and nine
Hours pleading, she dropped me a line
Which contained her phone number
Which I must never call except on summer
So I began texting
'Mine is true love not lusting...'
But she never replied, she didn't care
Not a single day
So I began calling
When summer came knocking
But she never answered, she didn't care
Not a single day
After another million airtime, she text back
And she called back
Making me pay for all her texts and calls
Telling me that my love for her is false
But I love her more than I could explained
Such that my colleagues and family complained
That it's nonsense to cherish fantasy
'You've never seen her, and she's got no curtsy
For God's sake, stop building castle in the air!'
But she's so talented - sweet voice - and fair
That how hard I try, can't stop loving her
And though she won't return my love, in my heart she's still a star.

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