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Angels of Paradox - In and Out of The Box
by Leah Sellers
2014-02-12 11:06:05
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Human Beings are Earth bound Creatures Wearing and Bearing Varying Shades of Gray.  Bearing WithIn and Wearing WithOut our Positive and Negative Energetic Sources and ReSources, and Environmental-Cultural Petri Dishes/Boxes.  We are always simultaneously the Experiment and the Experimenter. 
Paradoxical Angels with ruffled wing feathers and tilted halos.  Angels of Paradox existing/annihilating both In and Out of the Environmental-Cultural Petri Dish/Box.
Think In the Box.  Think Out of the Box.  Be In the Petri Dish/Box.  Be Out of the Petri Dish/Box.  Systematic and Institutional Mandates Creating Hellion-Rebellions WithIn and WithOut.  Jack-In-the-Box.  Jane-In-the-Box.  Dreaming Visionaries Cry and Sing “Get Out !  Get Out ! 
Get Out of the Box !”
We are the Sin - the Sinner- and the Sin Eaters wrought within Angelic-Demonic Paradox.  Earthly and Cosmological Paradoxes of Varying Shades of Gray.  Lighter to Darker and Darker to Lighter Varying Shades of Gray.
Query:  What Environmental-Cultural Entities and Formations are we Growing, Nurturing and Sustaining within our Environmental-Cultural Petri Dishes/Boxes ?  What simply complex and complexly simple Causes, Effects and Consequential Evolving, Rippling End Results are being Created/Destroyed, Echoed/Silenced and Perpetuated/Exterminated ? 
A little dash of This.  And a little dash of That.  And Wah-la !  A whole Culture and Environment can Blossom and Grow or Corrupt and Dis-ease itself, and end in Self and Other quickening Entropy.  An Unraveling - a Dis-integration - a Dis-solving - an Evaporation - a Dis-sipation - an Imploding Explosion - an Exploding Implosion…etc.
Cycles within Cycles of Phoenix Fiery Risings and Phoenix Ashes Fallings.
Human Beings and the Environmental-Cultural Petri Dishes/Boxes we Live WithIn or WithOut of are filled with opposing Angels and Demons wrangling for DeStabilizing Stability or Stabilizing DeStabilization.
Those types of Environmental-Cultural conditions and conditionings will always give Risings and Fallings to Cynical Angels - Dark Misanthropic Angels - Rebellious Angels of Varying Shades of Gray.  Angels of Paradoxical Polarities.
In more Ancient Histories of Environmental-Cultural Petri Dishes/Boxes, The Church, depending upon her Leaders, the Political/Economic Leaders, and the Congregations’ and Constituents’/Customers’ Superstitions and Fears of the Time gave InTo, succumbed to, many of the Darker Angels of their particular Environmental-Cultural Petri Dishes/Boxes.  Human Beings always have.  We All still Do.
In those more Ancient Pasts, if a Woman displayed Intellect or Beauty, and took on any Form or Mantle of Self and Public EmPowerment as a Healer or a Leader, the Patriarchal, Power-Aware and Politically-Minded Churches and Political/Economic Leaders would goad and manipulate their Superstitious and Fear-based Congregations and Constituents/Customers into Seductress-Witch (Hag) Exclusions, Imprisonments, Torture Chambers brutalities and sufferings, Burnings, Stonings, Pressings and Drownings.  All sorts and manners of Bent InHuman Ingenuities of Pain and Death.  Amen, Halleluiah and “Here ye !  Here ye ! Let It Be So !“.
Those who were Excluded, Imprisoned, Tortured, Burned, Stoned, Pressed or Drowned probably did not See the Church’s priests, acolytes, and Congregations or Political/Economic Leaders and their Constituents/Customers as Angels of Paradox, but, rather, Torturous Demons of Paradoxical Shades of ruinous and Dis-eased charcoal and obsidian Black.  Fear-infected and Dis-torted Demons of a Black Abyss slowly destroying The Accused.  As the rejected Different Ones screamed WithIn and WithOut for a World of Changing, Accepting, Tolerant Perceptions, and a quick Death for ThemSelves.  As they gave up their Ghosts to Environmental-Cultural Angels of Varying Shades of Gray.  Angels of Demonic Paradox.
Spiritual Heretics and Political Traitors are One and the Same.  They are but the Canaries in the Cages - Harbingers of Environmental-Cultural Poisonings or Tectonic Shiftings within Our Petri Dishes/Boxes often Punished and Sacrificed to the imperfect vagaries of Humanity’s ever Evolving/Devolving implacably/flexibly Fear-based Natures.
Humanity both Reviles and Honors Spiritual Heretics and Political Traitors.  Their existence compels us to Face our Inner and Outer Angels of Paradox, and moves Us toward Our Phoenix Risings and Phoenix Fallings.
When We unblinkingly and unflinchingly Look into the Mirror of Illuminating Introspection, every Day/Night is a Revelation of Paradoxical greater/lesser Possibilities and Potentialities.  A Day/Night of Choices Made/UnMade and Acted Upon/Slept through which can Maintain/Change/Create/Destroy the Environmental-Cultural Petri Dishes/Boxes We may find OurSelves Living WithIn or WithOut, Individually and Collectively.
Paradoxically, like our struggling Wolves WithIn, the Angels that Survive and Thrive, and have the most Influence and Movement within our Lives are the Angels, Light and Dark, that We Choose to Feed, Nurture and Sustain.

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