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by David Sparenberg
2014-02-09 11:31:23
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 Drought is severe in fields of the valley.  The harvest will be bitter and small.
“I am the winnowing, separating wheat from chaff.”  Wind speaks into elder darkness.
Dark turns to the unknown.  “Who are you and where?  And by what footsteps will I come to know you?”
dry01Something is written out over there, beyond reach, beyond words.
Heavily, silence hangs on the institutions of men.  Civilization wagers falsely against reality.  Tell me
as a stranger passing a stranger: “How long will the crossbeams of crucifixion burn before flesh is soulless and freedom is suffocated under ashes?”
When someone knocks at your door in the night of offering, at the hour of sacrifice, do not ask, “Have you brought us salvation?”  Say rather, “Open your hands—now show us the seeds of renewal.”
Someone looks into someone’s eyes.  Perhaps it is a woman and a man, intense and bewildered.  “Where is there water across the hostile land?”  Here, to our shame is our shame, as we drink tears from the eyes of purblind children.
Verily I say unto you… Verily
Verily I say until you…
If I was a preacher
now I would preach.
If I was a teach, now I would teach.
If I were to teach, or preach on the run, anything to anyone, it would be the haunted sound of breathing, like rustling of leaves, and how feeling defines motion.
A sear leaf is all that remains; I am all that is left.  And I expect to speak only to a few across this desert of failed crops and soulless bodies.  And to be heard by the least of these.
David Sparenberg
23 Jam. 2014

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Leah Sellers2014-02-09 19:40:04
Hello Mr. David,
Your Poetry-Prose is an Open Hand - an Open MInd - an Open Heart - an Open Soul, Dear Sir.
Thank you !

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