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Humanity's Heroin - Fossil Fuels
by Leah Sellers
2014-02-06 11:51:50
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“Yeah, yeah, I heard about that Great Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  What a loss to the field of entertainment.  He was a very Talented Actor.  He really made his Characters Live and Breathe.  He was believable in every role he played because he Became the Character he was portraying.”
“Yeah, yeah, I heard that he was a good dad and a good guy, too.  Someone mentioned that he had three kiddoes that he was very close to.  He’ll really be missed by a lot of Folks.”
phil01_400“Yeah, yeah, I heard he died of a Heroin overdose.  It appears that he had been a Drug Addict years ago, and that he must have fallen off of the wagon.  At least, that’s what they’re saying on the t.v. news.”
“Yeah, yeah, Addiction is a real killer if you don’t grab hold of it, and fight it down each and every day.”
“Oh God, Felicia, are you gonna start that Tree Hugger stuff again ?  How in the World can you hear about Hoffman’s troubles with Addiction, and his Death, and equate it with Frackin’, and Humanity’s bein’ Addicted to Fossil Fuels.  What in the Sam Hill do either one of those things have in
Common ?  I’ll tell you what, Nada !”
“Hold on, hold on, now.  Just slow down, and repeat what you just said to me.  Uh-huh.  I heard you.  And I wish I hadn’t.  You said that the number of Earth Tremors in America’s Midwestern States, particularly in the states of Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Ohio and Oklahoma near Waste Water Wells inserted into the ground for the disposal of the Poisonous Chemicalized Water used in the Frackin’ Process, have jumped up considerably.  Did I get that right ?”
Okay, okay, I know you’re not finished explaining the connection between Hoffman’s tragic Addiction to Drugs and the World’s Addiction to Fossil Fuels.  I am being very Patient, Felicity.  You have no idea how Patient.  No, I did not mean to sound sarcastic when I said that… listen, Felicity, can we get back to talking about Addiction ?
Uh-huh, you said that several North Texans are suing some of the Frackin’ Folks, because in November, they had over 16 pretty hair-raisin’ tremors rock-n-roll through their homes and their lives.  That’s probably more excitement than any of them have had in those parts in quite some time.  No, Felicity, I am not makin’ fun of someone else’s bad circumstances.  I would not dream of doing that.  You have my Eagle Scout’s Honor Pledge on that, Felicity.”
“Yeah, yeah, the small Earthquakes have run 2.6 to 3.6 on the Richter Scale.  Sounds like small potato tremors if you ask me.  Yes, Felicity, I heard you. You said that you’re not asking me, ‘cause I’m not taking what you’re saying to me seriously enough.  You got me there, Felicity.  Yes, I’ll be quiet now.”
“Yeah, yeah, you just said that the underground Frackin’ Waste Water Wells are causing the Tectonic plates to slip-n-slide around because they’re being lubricated by the Chemicalized and Poisonous Water.  That Frackin’ produces and contributes to Air Pollution, Groundwater Contamination and Broader Environmental Degradation.”
“Felicity, now don’t get all steamed up, but what does all of what you just made me listen to have to do with Hoffman’s Addiction to Heroin and dying of an overdose ?”
“Okay, okay, let me repeat it back to you.  Hoffman injected the Poisonous liquid of Heroin into his Blood Veins for a High he really wanted to Experience.  A High he just had to Have no matter what the Cost to HimSelf or Anybody else in his Sphere.  He loved that Poisonous Liquid’s High more than he did his own Body, and all of the other Folks who loved and counted on him.  Did I get that right ?  Alright good.  Go on.  What else ?”
“Humanity’s Addiction to Fossil Fuels is leading us to inject the Earth’s Body with Poisonous Liquids of Chemicalized Water right into Her veins of GroundWater Ways.  Just so we can get the Highs from Money, Power and Speed that We want.  We love and miss our Fossil Fuel Highs as much as Hoffman did his Drug Highs.  We enjoy them so much that we’re willing to keep Pushing the Limits of the Earth’s Resources and Energetic Life, just like Hoffman did his.  We’re willing to Kill the Earth, just like Hoffman finally Killed himself.  We don’t mean to be Killing OurSelves, just like Hoffman did not mean to Kill HimSelf, but sooner or later Mis-uses and Abuses catch up with you when you least expect it.  And one morning you just don’t wake up from your Cherished Addictions and Highs anymore.  The Earth will go into her Death Rolls just like Mr. Hoffman, the Great and Talented Actor did.  That’s always the End Result of Addictions we refuse to Face up to and Walk or Run Away from, or Change Our Life‘s Habits and Behaviors for in order to Find Better Ways of Doing things.”
“Boy, Felicity, you sure know how to throw cold, dirty water on a guy’s day.  Can we talk about the weather ?  Oh, never mind, I forgot about all of your Theories and Wild Ideas about Climate Change.  How about you meet me down at the movie theatre downtown ?  I hear that there’s an old Godzilla vs. Mothra film showing right now.”
“Nope, nope, I didn’t know that.  I didn’t know that Godzilla and Mothra were created from Nuclear Irradiation Contamination.  Why am I not surprised ?  Are they killed in the end by a Frickin’ Frackin’ Heroin overdose ?

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