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Variations on a Theme
by David Sparenberg
2014-01-27 12:30:17
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You may say you are a lightworker, an earth warrior, a shaman healer, or a lover,  But do you dare to be a musical instrument, acknowledging that the harmony or disharmony of the world, as within and around you, depends on your attunement?
davi01_400Do you know yourself a person harmonious, or do you sweat blood in anger and agony, in anguish, anxiety, fear, rankling distrust, narcissism, or adhesive, self-abusive despair?
Picture yourself as a Celtic harp, a violin or cello, an accordion or bagpipe.  Picture yourself as a drum, a sitar, a flute, or the mellow flame of a gypsy flamenco guitar.
How finely tuned you are bears witness to the subtle sensitivity of your soul.  How smooth the intimacy of your music attests to the relationship between you and living earth, indwelling spirit.
You may say you cannot play.  Yet that is like somebody saying I cannot dance, who with every breath is keeping rhythm and with every movement is creating variations in an eternal dance.
One day you are butoh, another day you are water-waltz, and another yet again, and you are paso doble.
An important freedom in the world of instruments is to be free to feel and to translate your feeling self into giving songs.  The more you play, the more you are.
David Sparenberg
12 Jan.2014


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Leah Sellers2014-01-28 02:53:17
Mr. David,
Sir, I simply have a profound Love and deep Appreciation
for the Lyricisms of Your Soul's Songs. Thank you, for your Giftings to the World's Earthly and Cosmic Choruses and Symphonies.

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