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Indiana Poem (V4)
by Michael Lee Johnson
2014-01-21 11:24:20
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A few tales
of the reasons
I love Indiana.
Breaking loose from the state line
of Illinois, bursting down the Indiana
toll road near Lake Station
heading south
smelling smoke of old
gray steel mills
seeping out
indy01_400of Gary
left behind me.
Work disappeared, dreams died-
steel men, strong men
ribs of fire courage of
union dreamers
long gone and most laid off
pension plans stolen,
now gas station employees
travelers of the
past, snuff chewers
labor wages and laws,
small lakes and fishing ponds
with half sunken boats
with tips pointed sky high
and memories dripping
off the lips of clouds.
I am banging out 75 mph
in my raspberry Geo Tracker-
as Jesus said to me:

  “I tell you the truth 

  nothing ever changes in

  Indiana but the seasons

  and size of the corn ears."



(Revised 11-2013)


Author's notes:  This poem was created by all the personal trips I made from Illinois to Indiana.





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Leah Sellers2014-01-22 03:30:16
Hauntingly and sadly true, Dear Mr. Michael.
Thank you for Sharing this part of your Life's Journey.

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