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Pastels At 2AM: Emily Manova
by Arman Nobari
2014-01-19 13:28:04
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A few days ago I interviewed Emily Manova, a young artist in California who has taught herself pastel and graphite portraiture in just under a year. She’s quickly approaching her first gallery showing in Northern California on the West Coast of the United States.

Q: When did you start really focusing in on your art? Was it a gradual process, or a spur of the moment type of thing?

A: As a kid I would always doodle on my classwork, just like anyone else would. But a little less than a year ago I started approaching pieces and trying to develop it from there.


[Mannequin Photo]

Q: Why is it you decided this style to start developing, as opposed to other styles?

A: I’m more intrigued by realism and portraiture - things like that. I guess other styles like abstractism havent really made an impact with me. I like being able to look at something and tell whether it’s a good representation of it - you can’t really do that with other styles.

Q: What mediums or methods have you explored with your art?

A: Well I started out with - don’t laugh - mechanical pencils, like the ones you use in school. A year-ish ago I got my first set of art pencils. I’ve also worked with chalk pastels, charcoal, and acrylics.


[Emma Watson piece]

Q: Tell me about the Emma Watson piece?

A: She’s in chalk pastel on 114gsm thin grain paper. She took a bit less than an hour to do. I couldn’t sleep one night, so around 2am I decided it was time for some art.

Q: Have you ever put on a show with your art?

A: My first show is actually being arranged right now with the venue out in California!


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Murray Hunter2014-01-19 14:13:37
Good to see you, your work and thoughts back.

Troy2014-02-16 13:12:07
Utterly fantastic. Love the shading

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