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The Politics of Thug-ism
by Leah Sellers
2014-01-17 13:09:45
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Yeah, Petty, Politics is a nasty Game, and I’m good at it.  I made My Bones with it, and dis-placed some Bones in it.
I enjoy Manipulatin’ Folks.  I enjoy inflictin’ Pain on Folks who won’t Do things My Way.  And I enjoy Rewardin’ Folks who ultimately See things My Way.  I’ll have to admit a lot of times out of Fear Persuasion, but when they finally come around to My Way of thinkin’ it’s because they recognize that I or my Associates will Go After them, and hurt them if they don’t.  I’m a Pragmatist.
Besides, when you Reward Folks for Bendin’ over for ya’, they Owe ya’.  You kill two birds with one stone, if you get my drift.  Fear is a valuable tool in Thug-ism.  I’m a Thug.  Some say I’m a Bully-Boy.  Same thing if you ask me, but to me, it’s simple.  Be a Thug or be Thugged over and under.
christie_400The New Jersey Thug Culture, that everybody’s talkin’ about because of this alleged Governor Chris Christie’s orchestrated Traffic Jam on the George Washington Bridge Fiasco went viral years ago.  Long before this mess with Christie and his Associates.  Thug-ism is a contagion.  Once it’s in your bloodstream it’s hard to inoculate.
The World, not just New Jersey, is filled with Dis-eases.  This is just another strain of Dis-ease.
Is there a Cure ?  Who Knows ?  Who really Cares ?  Miracles and Hexes happen every moment of every day.  Only Time will tell what wins out in the end.
Until then, I’ll just Thug right along.  One Bridge at a time.  One Land Development deal at a time.  One Judgeship or Political Appointment at a time.  One buck at a time.  It’s who I Am.  It’s what I Do.  One deal at a time.  One Thug-over-and-under at a time.
There are Thugs in fancy silk suits and Thugs in cheap polyester suits.  There are Thugs in silk hose and Thugs in jeans and overalls.  There are Thugs who admit that they’re Thugs, and why they’re Thugs.  And there are Thugs who try to hide the fact that they’re thugs when all the while they’ve been scammin’ and spendin’ all of their Time Thuggin’ you over and under.
Thugs don’t care about collateral damage, unless it creates too much of a fuss, and calls attention to ’em.  And traffic jams, jam everybody up.  Just ask Christie and his Associates.  Too much fuss.
Thugs don’t care about how many other Folks get hurt gettin’ the Job done.  In fact, sometimes the more dead bodies, so to speak, on the ground, the more folks jammed up, the better.  It can work for you or in Christie and his Associates case, it can work against ya’.
Some Thugs get such a Big Head that they can’t resist overreach.  They don’t even realize that they’re doin’ it, until they get their hand slapped or their nose cut off or some journalist hot on their heels.
Heck, I’ve done it.  It’s false Pride and Arrogance, and bein’ OverGlutted on Power.  Thugs are Human Bein’s, too.  We can overplay our hands sometimes.  Sometimes it Pays Off.  Sometimes it pulls you under.  It happens to the best of Thugs.
Also, there’s Easy Prey and there’s Smart Prey.  And I must say, Petty, just between you and me, I prefer the Challenge of Thuggin’ over and under Smart prey.  I find it very satisfyin’.  And I really like puttin’ their nose in it when I’m done.  Ha !  But that’s just me.  Every Thug is different.
But, a Thug’s worst enemy is an Idealistic Do-Gooder.  Now, that’s a nasty, hard-headed breed of Animal-of-a-different-kind for ya’.  For Christ’s Sake, even when you Crucify ‘em, you can’t keep ‘em down.  Keep ‘em from inflictin’ harm on Thugs, and the Culture of Thugs from the Tomb.  Sheesh !
Do-Gooder Looney-Birds are a Thug’s worst nightmare.  They just won’t let go.  They’ll hang onto you like a Rabid Rat !  Yikes !  It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinkin’ about those Do-Gooder punks !
I do everything I can to ruin their lives or their reputations, to make ’em ineffective or a laughin-stock or I just outright avoid ‘em altogether when I can.  They’re a pain and a drain on my Thug-Time, my Thug-Plans, my Thug-Earnings.
My advice, you see one of those Do-Gooder’s that you can’t ruin or put over or under without too much fuss, you fold up your Chop-Shop and move your Thug Fun and Games elsewhere.
Yeah, Petty, if you don’t mind my sayin’ so, Bein’ Petty, Bein’ vindictive, Bein’ Small-minded, Bein’ of a Violent nature,  Bein’ a Bully-Boy, Bein’ highly Manipulative, Bein’ mostly Selfish and Self Serving, and Gluttons for Money and Power are necessary prerequisites in the Politics of Thug-ism.
In the Politics of Thug-ism you’re either Thugged-In or Thugged-Out-and-Under.  The Thugged-In get Rewarded.  The Thugged-Out-and-Under get Mutilated, Buried or Traffic Jammed.  It’s a simple formula that’s worked for centuries.  Baddah-Bing !  Baddah-Bang !  Baddah-Boom !
Listen, Petty, have you got change for the toll booth ?  In fact, maybe I should call up Governor Christie and his Associates or his Port Authority Buddies just to make sure that I can make it across the GW Bridge and into Fort Lee on time for my next appointment, today.  You never know.  It couldn’t hurt, if you know what I mean jelly bean. 
Ha !  Guilty or not, guess we’ll just have to take our chances just like everyone else these days.  Baddah-Bing !  Baddah-Blow !  Gotta’ Go !

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Emanuel Paparella2014-01-17 13:54:37
One of the slogans of Governor Christie is "I am who I am." Not many people have noticed that such is the desitnation God gives himself in the Scriptures. Which makes sense, Governor Christie is a god or at least a demi-god out to prove that might always makes right and the end justifies the means. Worthy of a Machiavelli who must be turning in his grave.

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