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Happy Kim
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-01-02 13:00:37
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I’m probably a few days late, but I was trying hard to find the right wishes and the right way to put them before actually writing them as I am somehow obliged to do for the readers of Ovi magazine, and that was not easy. Not easy at all.

The last few days I was in the receiving part of wishes – and I’m grateful to all of the people who send me their wishes – and even though New Year was the chance, all of them were about my health. A torturous small crisis kept me away from everything for a few days and I still try to recover but it was impressive not only that everybody was wishing me for my health but that they were prioritizing health as the most valuable good in life for prosperity and happiness.

Usually that’s what you wish to others. “Happy New Year and may 2014 will bring you happiness and prosperity.” The word health is missing there.

And what about happiness, how do we understand happiness. Have a house and be sure that there is food on the table every day is happiness. Perhaps for some this is not enough and they need a certain model of car and a certain number of rooms in their house to feel happy. But without wanting to be a cynic a roof over your head and food on the table even if it is just a piece of bread and some soup it is a good way to survive and make sure that at least you don’t find misery.

I suppose happiness is something relative and money don’t bring happiness but they damn help a lot to keep you away from despair.

Prosperity, what is prosperity? The state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and / or successful social status. I hope by that “successful social status” doesn’t mean how many friends or likes you have in Facebook but again I have the feeling that is all connected to money. In an exaggeration degree. Semantics but prosperity is not getting a new car is it? It has to be the newest super-trooper airplane-pretend-to-be-car I don’t know what. It has to be the same Kim Kardashian drives and wears.

Oh, I’m after this woman long time now. Nothing personal, I don’t know her and I don’t think there is much chance ever to meet her, we don’t associate with the same cycles as a friend of mine would say. But I’m after her because she has become a role model for thousands if not millions of kids for been …nothing. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if she could sing, act, right, jiggle anything. As long she did something to contribute. Kim Kardashian’s contribution to human culture is that she’s nothing! Still talking with the daughter of some friends the other day I found out that Kim Kardashian is a measure of happiness and prosperity.

So, “Happy New Year and may 2014 will make you a Kim Kardashian.” How you call that? Human vanity? Inability to judge what is good and what is bad? Despair? Or am I wrong?

Am I wrong to want for my daughter to always have a roof on her head and the means to have food on the table? That I don’t care if she ever has a car but be sure that she has a good education, understanding and judgment? Am I wrong to believe that good health helps? or perhaps I am an ideologue for most an utopian to believe that you find happiness and prosperity in the little things in life, among people who love you and you love with a little help from money that can give you a roof and food so you can live in dignity and contribute to your surroundings and the society even your tiny little bit your dignify presence offers.

I suppose that’s what I can wish to all of you. Perhaps it just projects who I am but it’s only me.

For the rest without any judgment and if that makes you feel completed,  “Happy New Year and may 2014 will make you a Kim Kardashian.”

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Emanuel Paparella2014-01-02 13:19:27
Thanos, as far as eudaimonia (happiness) in the new year)I'll take Rodin's Thinker any time over Kim Kardashian. In any case, be well in body, mind and spirit. As Aristotle well taught us, one needs harmony among all those three components of human nature (as well as between family, career and health) to get to the flourishing life and eudaimonia. How does the Kardashian song go: "Don't worry, be happy!" And of course, be well.

Leah Sellers2014-01-04 05:00:36
Dear Brother Thanos,
You project yourself to be grumpily intellectual and funny, Dear Sir. And I thought that Kim Kardashian was just another common Societal Dis-ease. Thanks for bearing a crush on that piece of Kardashianian clarification. And, please, have any kind of grumpily intellectual and awareness evoking Happy New Year that you so Choose to have, Dear Thanos !

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