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The Hand Signing Trickster
by Leah Sellers
2013-12-23 11:33:17
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Around the World, those who really Knew Nelson Mandela spoke not only of his Greatness of Mind and Spirit, but of his ‘Good Sense of Humor’.  His proclivity to be a Prankster.  A Trickster.
Perhaps he is smiling down at All of the World today on behalf of the Hand Signing Trickster Energy of Thamsanga Jantjie.  The alleged Schizophrenic Sign Language Interpreter-Imposter who was hired to stand beside and behind the Great Dignitaries of the World as they orally Acclaimed their Heartfelt Appreciation and Respect for the eulogized Nelson Mandela.  As the Great Dignitaries vocalized their Praises to Mandela, and their Hopes for the Future of all Humanity, Jantjie, silently, busily and earnestly Hand Signed away in Gibberish.
There is a lot of Trickster Energy inherent in Irony and Juxtapositioning.
When Questioned later on about the why’s and wherefore’s of Jantjie’s even being allowed to be on such an august, and obviously unsecured Stage in the first place.  He had no answers other than he had been hired for the event, and that Hand Signing is his ‘Calling‘.  A Calling that he is ‘very Good at‘.
Thamsanga Jantjie also admitted to being a schizophrenic with some violent episodes in the past.  He spoke of having times when ‘it was coming on him’ that he would want to ‘runaway’, perhaps to escape what he knew was about to happen to his present Reality.
In many cultures the Hand is symbolic of Manifestation, Protection, Authority, Power, Strength and Action.  In fact just a Friendly, Respectful and Acknowledging Handshake of one Great Dignitary to another (President Obama’s Handshake with Presidente Castro) at Nelson Mandela’s Celebratory Funerary Event can be given tremendous significance for Good or Ill.
A Schizophrenic’s (a Crazy Man’s) Hands whirling around in the Rains of Fortuity at a Great Man’s Celebratory Funeral is perhaps a symbol of the World’s true condition at present.  However, in many ancient cultures Crazy Folks were seen as having a connection to the Divine, and were protected by their Communities as such.
Such is the Power of the Language of the Hands.  Folks want Hands and Fingers to be Positioned in relation to the Body in such a way as to convey only the most precise symbolic notions.  No potentially violent Interpreter-Imposters allowed.
However, Who among Us, at one point in Our Lives or another, has not found themselves Vocalizing or Signing away in Gibberish to Invisible Falling Angels on Stages of Life before a multitude of viciously wagging Blaming and Shaming Fingers ?
That is only one of the many Reasons that Internal and External Thoughts and Actions of Compassion are the most essentially important and meaningful Elements of Being in all of the World.  Activated and Purposeful Compassionate Thoughts and Actions as we darkly chuckle and laugh-out-loud at OurSelves and our Fellow Tricksters.
For, as Nelson Mandela probably knew all too well, we are all Walking and Talking Tragic Comedies in Need of Compassion.

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Emanuel Paparella2013-12-23 16:40:46
Indeed gesticulation is a whole symbolical art of communication as native Americans well know, and Italians too. A conversation without gesture is like a meal without wine in Italy...

Leah Sellers2013-12-24 20:46:10
Indeed, Brother Emanuel,
Ha ! The Irish know a little about the Art and Sway of gesticulation as well, Dear Sir !
Although, I must admit that I have always been drawn to the Artistic, Romantic Passions of the Italians (and many other cultures) as they laugh, eat, drink and Be fulfillingly Merry with one another. Particularly, when that Merriment is Coss-Cultural.
Merry Christams and a very Happy New Year to you and your Loved Ones, Sir !

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