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Translations from the Cinema - Love Makes Dogs of Us All
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-12-26 12:31:06
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Love Makes Dogs of Us All
The last segment is the saddest of them all.  It is an Ode to Dejection. 
It’s about a professor who turned guerrilla, who was caught and served his time,
Who wound up an assassin for the Metropolitan Police.

dog01_400He takes his advantages…
He steals from the dead, picks garbage, lives with his dogs in a garage.
He has a Rolex and rather nice furniture, but poses as a homeless beggar,
The better to follow his targets.

Actually he is homeless in his restless heart, which  
Fills him with contempt for everyone, including himself.
As a guerrilla he killed on principle, now he kills for money.

These police are pure shit; they hide behind their shields.
The chance for vengeance arises one day.
One despicable cop asks him to assassinate his brother,
Who cares why?  Our man in Ciudad de Mexico sees his chance.

It involves lots of money, bold exploitation and satisfactory humiliation.
Two kidnappings, and the end of everything as the brothers are chained to posts
With a loaded gun between them. 
Whatever their fates, it will be condign.
He sells their cars for lots of pesos.
He gives himself a shave and a haircut.
He will walk off into the sunset respectable,
He and the one remaining dog.

What exactly is his anger about?
There is a clue: above his bed there is a photo
Of a very young girl.
It is the first thing he sees in the morning
And the last thing he sees at night.

What kind of world is this where a man cannot look
His daughter in the face and tell her that he loves her?
He cries like a baby when he thinks about it…

The cops will soon be after him.
Soon he’ll be on the road in earnest, across black volcanic ash.
But first he invades the empty home he has been shut out of,
Invades her room, posts his own portrait over the face
Of her false father, the one who cohabited with her mother . …

He speaks his final speech into her telephone message machine.
It all comes out like puke, blurted through sobs and tears.
His love, his infinite love, long love, longing, lost love…

It’s too powerful for him.  It’s all over.
It never will get better. 
He’s a ghost and he knows it.

He’s on the road for good this time.
Disquiet will never leave him…
Disquiet and disgust…



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Leah Sellers2013-12-26 19:34:43
Wonderfully and brutally revealed and written, Sir.
The Moment the Professor Chose to pick up, and Use, a Weapon of Violence, and later continue to Choose a Path of other types of Violence for varying Reasonings, he began his Lonesome last Howl of "Dis-quiet and Dis-gust' - of Self and Other 'Dejection'.
Thus are the downward Spiralling Physics of the Howling Winds of Violence. The Winners are Losers to ever devouring Cyclical and Dis-ruptive Negative Energetic Societal Perpetuations, and the Losers are Losers, are Losers, are Losers.....etc. There are no Real Winners in the Playing and InterPlaying Fields of Violence. And obviously, that is a very Difficult Lesson for Humanity to Learn. Thusly, We All live in a World froth with naught but Casualities'Dis-quiet, Dis-gust and Dejection' of one kind or another.

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