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9 years Ovi
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-12-20 13:24:07
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The last few years, every time Ovi’s birthday was getting closer we used to send mails inviting embers of the Ovi team and friends to participate in our celebrations with what we know best, an article, a poem, an illustration.

And this is the ninth birthday. 9 years of Ovi magazine. And I’m sorry but nine is not ten. Ten has something big about it, nine is just before ten.

So we thought, lets keep it low this year. No fireworks, no pompous promises, no cliché memories. Just us. And by us we mean the people who contribute, the people who help on the side, the people who encourage us to continue and most importantly the people who read Ovi magazine.

But there is one more reason I keep the celebration for next year, for the tenth birthday, and please forgive me, this is the most important. At least for me.

When Ovi started as a monthly online magazine back in 2004 there were only a handful of similar magazines. Usually they were just the online version of the print magazine and an effort to investigate possibilities on how to make money online.

Sadly nine years after I’m afraid only Ovi has survived and I think the secre65 haw been that Ovi hasn’t change attitud3 from day one.  

And perhaps this is what we should think for the year to come, the tenth year.


The last two days I had an unexpected visit from my diabetes and that’s why Ovi is so late today and so brief. 

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Emanuel Paparella2013-12-20 15:50:04
Happy 9th Anniversary Ovi magazine. I joined the magazine when it was only two years old. Where did all that time go? Magazines are like children. Before you know it they're all grown up. But, as Shakespeare best put it is not a matter of age, for "maturity is all."

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