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There is nothing like Giving-In to a Tantruming Child.
by Leah Sellers
2013-12-18 10:55:43
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As for the New Two Year Budget that was primarily and cleverly manipulated through Congress by Paul Ryan, and his cohorts and cronies -  well, it was a Great Deal for Paul Ryan, and his cohorts and cronies.
Yes,  State Representative Paul Ryan, the Austerity (for EveryOne and EveryThing that falls and galls below the Washed Feet of the Top 1% to 2%ers) Economy Guru, who bows before the golden-green-backs, and Ideations of the Almighty Money goddess Ayn Rand, and not the ‘Do Unto To Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You’, Jesus Christ, that he espouses to Believe In and Follow.  Yes, you, Sir….
Representative Ryan, Sir, when Following your Actions, We the People find OurSelves Following the Ayn Randian goddess’ Money Trail straight up to the Top of the Grand National and Global Ponzified Pyramid Scheme.  The Mega-Banks (which need to be broken up and down sized so that they do not Rule the World, but We the Peoples of the World Rule them to the Benefit of the Whole World), the Mega-Corporations (that keep swallowing whole more and more smaller corporations, just to make themselves Bigger and more Feudalistically Powerful), the Elitists (who live off of and perpetuate these Leviathans for their own purely selfish, and for the most part, destructively Careless aggrandizement), and, yes, even into the Pockets of Politicians and Leaders just like you. 
Oh My !  What a wheelin’-n-dealin’ Ride, Sir.  It is effectively quite dizzying and dis-orienting.  Just as it is meant to be.
Sir, perhaps you and your cohorts and cronies Need to ReConsider your Priorities when it comes to the Folks you are supposed to be Working a comfortable, and not very Law creatingly productive 150 some odd days out of the year for - We the People.
Perhaps the primary concern and order of your Legislative Job, Sir, should be ’First, Do No Harm’.  ’Do No Harm’.  Ah, such Ancient Wise Words and Timeless Ancient Words to the Wise so often forgotten and/or just out rightly perilously ignored.
Democrats, your Hands are not clean regarding the Rushed-to-get-done-just before-the-holidays-to-make-it-look-as-though-we-have accomplished-something-before-the end-of-the-year-Budget Deal either, because in order to make an earnest Effort and Show of being bi-partisan, and willing to Work with the Republican/Tea Party, you Gave-In to the highly manipulative “We’re gonna have a Shut-Down of the Nation’s and the World’s Economies if y’all don’t do what we want you to do”, Red Ragin’ Elephantine Trumpeting Child. 
In fact, you changed the Red Ragin’ Elephantine Child’s Dirty Diaper to boot.  What a rooty-toot-tootin’ hoot !
Democrats, sirs and ma’ams how could you have been so fooled ?  You are allowing the Republican/Tea Partiers to run Energetically calculated and deliberately frenzied Concentric Rings around you, Our Great Nation, and the World.
All of Congress (well, most of you, that is) Need to get your priorities straight.  You are Public Servants of We the People, who are leaving for the Holidays to enter your comfortable Homes and Lives, while leaving millions of Americans without their much Needed UnEmployment Benefits (so that they can keep a roof over their heads), and funds to put Food on their Families Tables. 
Happy Holidays !  The gold-green-backed goddess Ayn Rand would be proud of her minions.  But, Jesus Christ has to scratchin’ his head over these adeptly excused hypocrisies by all of you mighty fine, self professed Christians and/or Good Folks.
First, Do No Harm.  Do No Harm.
Your Budget, and ridiculous Game Playing Sequestration Cut - no Slashed the Money going out to improve American Lives - Sustain American Lives, and increased the Money going to the Pentagon (an over Money and Power Bloated institution), whose basic aim is to stay alert and ready to Kill People and Use other American Lives (the very Lives you are Choosing to Damage, Do Harm To, Diminish, and in some cases Starve, Make Homeless and Jobless, and in other cases Medically Kill through refusing to initiate ACA Medicaid Benefits in certain Ragin‘ Red Elephantine States) to Kill the People you want America to Point Guns, Bombs, Nukes and Drones at.
And then you, Congress, (or at least most of you) rail at those who oppose your detrimental and destructive Values and Efforts as being Unpatriotic, Weak-Minded, Weak-Knee’d, Anti-Americans in order to Demonize and conversely Scapegoat your Wrong-Doings (or lack of Doings) onto the very Folks you are Doing Harm To.
The Red Ragin’ Elephantine Money-Brass-Ball-Bells are ringin’ dis-tortedly loud !  Ring-Ching-Ching-a-Ling !
Many of We the People know when we’re being Hood-Winked, and fed a Bucket of Malarkey filled Hogwash !
The Positive totality of Congress’ Job as Public Servants/Servant Leaders to We the People is to Seek Balanced Systems and InfraStructures for America that Do No Harm, and then Compromise in Balanced Ways to further Do No Harm.
Democrats, in signing off on this Two Year Budget, just to Parentally avoid the childish, destructive and manipulative Tantruming of the Red Ragin’
Elephantine Trumpeters, you have Chosen Energetic Pathways of Austerity for the 98% to 99% of the rest of America as your Common Ground.
Austerity for the very Folks (We the People) that all of you have been directly and in-directly strangling and drowning unto death with this Nation’s present day dysfunctional Trickle-Down Economic Ponzi Scheme that is Pushing and Shoving the majority of We the People Down as you, and the 1% to 2%ers Rise and Benefit off of and from Our flailing Efforts and Systemic Desperations (low and stagnate UnLivable Wages in today’s over priced and inflated Economy, and No Job Creation) to stay afloat.
In fact, with all of the Trade Agreements flying through Congress that most of you have supported Dis-Mantling Jobs and Citizen Protections in America, and then turned around and placed Blame on We the People for your selfishly avaricious Actions as you Transition Jobs overseas in order to continue to Take Advantage Of other way Under-Paid, Abused and Over-Used Workers and Cultures around the Globe.  We all are expected to sit complacently back and watch you deliberate over the decimation of this Great Nation, and the rest of the World.  It’s quite a Debilitating Scam at the Majority of We the People’s expense.
First Do No Harm.  Do No Harm.
You are doing your Best to support Corporate/Banking Feudalism and Slavery at their very Worst.  Congratulations !  Pat yourselves on your gold-green-backs for the faux successes of your New Two Year Budget of Austerity that perpetuates all of this National and Global Morass of a Mess -
Of putrefying Hogwash !
Sorry, Congress, but once again you have failed We the people.  You have failed in your Job to Do No Harm.  Happy Holidays !  Ho-Ho-Ho !


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