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Just Say, "No ! No ! No ! No..... !"
by Leah Sellers
2013-12-04 12:10:50
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Somewhere in the Land of Sur-Reality and Make-Believability an Un-Realistic and Un-Believable Conversation took place in the World of Suspended Realities and Beliefs…..
“Speaker of the House of Representatives, Boehner, sir.  Does the Republican Party/Tea Party have an overall Policy Plan, sir ?
“Obstruction, to the painful point of acute National Constipation,” Boehner answered flatly.
“Can you elucidate upon your National Constipation-Obstruction Plan,
sir ?”
“Nothing proposed by Obama’s Crowd gets through.  Absolutely Nothing.  Next question.”
“Flushing right along…er, I mean Rushing right along, Speaker Boehner, since No Legislative Bills get to the House Floor unless you allow them through, do you intend to bring the Senate’s ENDA Bill preventing the discrimination against LGBT Folks on the Job to the Floor for a Vote or any Bill raising the National Minimum Wage or the Farm/Food Stamp Subsidy Bill, sir ?”
“No, No and No.  Next question.”
“Excuse me for being a bit dogged sir, but can you satisfactorily explain to the American People Why you, and your Republican/Tea Party Party members are ReTurning to and Maintaining an overall Economic/Social System that creates and perpetuates the very Social/Economic Dis-parities, Dys-functions and Poverty keeping American Citizens dependent on the Necessity for the very Problem-Fixing Government Programs you and your Republican/ Tea Party Party Members are trying so very hard to Obstruct, Dis-mantle and Destroy ?”
“Noooooo.  Next question.”
“ Uh, Mr. Speaker, sir, will you allow the Immigration Reform Bill passed by the Senate to be put before the House Floor for a Vote ?”
“No.  Next question.”
“Sir, can you satisfactorily explain to all of the vast numbers of Americans and Business Owners who widely support the Immigration Reform Bill Why Not ?”
“No.  Next Question.”
“Hmm, er, Speaker Boehner, sir, can you explain to the American People Why the Mega-Banks, Mega-Corporations, Elitists and their Political and Judicial cohorts and cronies have allowed America to be stripped of Her Manufacturing Industries and Her Abilities and Capabilities to Make
things ?  And Why our Nation’s Political, Judicial and Business Leaders Allowed the majority of the Jobs associated with those very elements of our Nation’s Economy to be Moved to other Countries around the Globe just to save a dollar here or a penny there, while taking advantage of even Less Fortunate Peoples in other Countries ?”
“In fact, Speaker Boehner, sir, should the United Nations form a Council which would consider a Global Minimum Wage for every Nation Worldwide, in order to ensure that such avaricious Socially im-balancing travesties and inequities can no longer be wrought anywhere Globally, and lessening Their austere and punishing Stranglehold around the sorely choked necks of the Global Economies and Societies ?”
“Nooooo.  What did you say your name was, and where do you live ?  Never mind, just pulling your chain, so to speak.  Next question ?”
“Sssspeaker Bbbboehner, ssssir, as a Rrrrepublican/Tttea Ppparty Pppartier, will you ever ssstop attempting to find ways to sssabotage, rrrepeal or dddestroy the Affordable (Health)Cccare Act ?”
“No.  Next question.”
“Ahem….Speaker Boehner, sir, can you satisfactorily explain Why you don’t want approximately forty seven million Americans, and many more Immigrants you, and your Republican/Tea Party Party members, refuse to Legitimize, to have the Ethical, Just and Reasonable Ability to finally Afford HealthCare for ThemSelves and their Loved Ones, so that they can better and more successfully Support and Move Forward (not Backward) in Life, and Contribute even more to their Families, their Communities, their States and the United States of America as a whole ?”
“No, Next question.”
“Speaker Boehner, will you ever change your Mind about any of the important Social Contract Issues and Crises presently and futuristically  facing Americans, and the rest of the World, sir ?”
“No.  Next question.”
“Speaker Boehner, sir, do you have a Social Conscience ?”
“No, although I’m a Social enough fellow, I adhere more to the Doctrine of Self Interest.  I do not believe in Con-Science.  In fact, today’s Science is a Con.  An Earth Warming and Fossil Fuel supported Con.”
“I, like Paul Ryan and many others of my Party bow to the goddess Ayn Rand and the Theology of pure and absolute Self Interest.”
“I have Evolved into a purely Self Interested Creationist.  I am helping the Feudalistic, Autocratic Mega-Banks, Mega-Corporations, Elitists and their cohorts and cronies, Create a Naturally and Scientifically proven Darwinist “Dog-Eat-Dog”, Human-Eat-Human, Anti-Social Contract World of Push-over and Pull-Under shorn Sheeple.  GrrrrRuff !  GrrrrRuff,  Ooooooooo-Ooooooo !”
“Sir, did you just Growl, Bark and Howl at me ?”
Boehner’s tight lips and gleaming canines curled into a dangerous Grin (of sorts) upon his startlingly nut brown face.  “Next question ?”

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