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The Advocator-Regulator Is In Town !
by Leah Sellers
2013-11-30 10:46:04
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Okey-dokey !  Let’s have some plain talk, Folks.
ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) is Not a tyrannical, communistic, conspiratorial Government HealthCare Plan.
ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) is a much discussed and democratically Voted into Being Regulation of the private/public Insurance Companies/Corporations in a maintained Free Trade, Competitive Market.
h01_400That’s right !  After looking at a Pool of many different ethically and fiscally improved private/public Insurance Plans, We the People get to make a Free Choice as to which One we will have as our very own HealthCare Insurance Plan.
ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) is an Advocator-Regulator of America’s Free Opportunity, Fair (and Just) Trade, and truly regulated private/public Medical Insurance Companies/Corporations and Systems.
ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) is a Con-servative Heritage Foundation’s Think Tank’s Dream Child, adopted and Capitalistically bottle fed by the Republican Party (before Mr. Obama became president), and eventually agreed upon by the Democratic Party and President Obama (many of whom wanted, but conceded for the sake of Advocator Compromise, the Public Option), in order to make sure that All Americans are no longer rejected, dropped or cast away due to Pre-Existing Conditions or whenever they fall Ill for any Reason whatsoever by any and or all private/public Insurance Company/Corporations.
Former Massachusetts, Republican Governor Romney, and the Massachusetts governors that followed him, originated the very same Affordable HealthCare Advocator Regulations in their illustrious state and made it Work.  It got off to a slow, glitchy and rocky Roll-out, much like ObamaCare, but given Time, Support and Effort it Worked, and Worked well.
It became the HealthCare template for ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) that some states, like Kentucky, who have embraced The Affordable Care Act in order to Benefit their Citizens, are presently successfully Hyping, Advertising, Supporting, and Implementing. 
However, there are states, like the Republican run Texas, that are deliberately obstructing and sabotaging the expansion of MediCaid-ObamaCare which would allow millions of the Working Poor access to the private/public HealthCare Insurance they have Not been able to Afford thus far. 
But hang in there !  When the Roll-out Glitches have been Un-Glitched you can Enroll, and can Shop For and Choose your very own Affordable HealthCare Insurance !
As for all the fol-der-rol concerning the problems with successfully getting onto or through the Obama HealthCare Website.  A Website is not HealthCare Policy.  The Website is a system of electrical impulse and codification problems related to Technical Difficulties - not HealthCare Policy.
ObamaCare is all about Regulating and Reining-in the private/public Insurance Companies/Corporations who have quite a Monopolized and Monopolizing Racket for ThemSelves.  Re-Member, they Own or are StockHolders nationally and internationally in Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Schools, Pharmaceutical Corporations, Medical Supplies Corporations…etc..
The private/public Insurance Corporations have been running amuck !  Overcharging, UnderServing or Choosing Not to Serve some paying clients at all when they made the Mis-Take of getting Sick or Hurt (What ?  You didn’t read the very, very fine print of the Con-tract ?).
Yep, they’re Free wheelin’-and-dealin’ Predatory, Bully Boy (and Girl) Capitalists alright, who have made sure that All of Our Medical Costs go up, up, up and Way Up, each and every year !
ObamaCare, the Advocator-Regulator is in Town to keep any and all Insurance and Medical UnEthical corruption, theft and costs Down !
So, be Patient, Folks !  Give the Baby ObamaCare Time to Grow and Mature, and Work all of its growing-pain kinks out.  It’ll be done with its stinky diaper-changing stages before you know it !
ObamaCare is a Benevolent and Inclusive American Fair (and Just) Trade  Policy that’s a True Helping Hand Up to All Americans toward a Future of more Affordable and more Accessible HealthCare.
With the new Advocator-Regulator in Town, it’s Time to Make things Medically Fair and Square for All Americans.  Affordably Fair and Square and full of Healing and Healthy HealthCare.

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