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Star Gazing, Cosmological, Molecular and Psychological Orbiting
by Leah Sellers
2013-11-27 10:02:41
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Ah, Star Gazing !  At one point in Time or another, Who has not done it.

Who has not been filled with Wonderment, Mind expanding Curiosity and Deep Humility by the Experience of Star Gazing.
While sipping on a hot mug of ginger root tea and Star Gazing one evening last week, I was Fortunate enough to spot a Shooting Star.  I immediately made a Wish (for Familial superstition’s sake), and began perusing on a snippit of news I had recently paid Attention to regarding the scientifically projected increasing frequency of Meteor Showers in the Future.
stars01_400The news person had made mention of Cosmological Orbits.  The Planetary Orbiting most Human Beings learn about in Elementary School.  That as the Earth Orbits around the Sun, due to Gravitational push-pulls (and other Energies of Light, Sound, Heat, Motion, Inertia…etc.) that it follows a mostly predictable Orbital Course.  That Meteoric Showers are created primarily by the Debris left behind within Earth’s Rotational, Orbital Course by Speeding Comets (that fortunately miss the Earth - whew !). 
The Earth passes by or through this Debris during its regularly scheduled Rotational Orbiting Process.  Naturally, some of the pieces of the Debris are larger and more potentially dangerous than others as they make their awe inspiring, and at times fear inducing, Flaming Meteoric plunge into the Earth.
The Meteors that burn, hiss and fall into the ocean, Human Beings have a tendency to not worry about that much.  In fact, most of the time we’re not even aware of their having made any Impact on Earth at all. 
However, the Meteors, particularly the larger more dangerous ones, can potentially be a very different Story and Destructive Problem.
I began to muse about how this type of Meteoric (Debris) Showering occurring to Objects Rotating around another Object exists within Molecular and Psychological Spheres and Orbits as well.
Disrupt the Natural (or PreterNatural) Orbits of Neutrons, Electrons, and Protons around (and within) the Nucleus of an Atom, say with a tinkering Human induced Fusion, and you get quite an Atomic Disruption, Implosion/Explosion.  A World Changing and Reality Changing Disruption Patterning.
Have a Woman, whose Orbit Gravitationally Rotates around A Life She Is Building For Herself, get hit by the dis-ruptive Comet of Rape, and if she is not knocked out of her Orbit completely, and is able to Mend and stay her original Orbital Course.  She must still deal with the broken off pieces that the Rape Comet left within her Orbit.  They become Repetitive Triggers (Burning Meteoric Debris Showers, some larger and more dangerous than others, for her for the rest of her Orbiting Life.
Have a Young Military Man or Young Military Woman who is Orbiting around a Life Committed to Protecting and Defending their Country, their Comrades in Arms, and possibly supporting their Families, get hit by a Debris creating Comet of a Bullet to the Spine, a Bomb removing an Arm or a Leg, an Eye, Peace-of-Mind etc…, who does not get knocked out of their Life Orbits altogether.  And throughout the years of their Orbiting, Rotational Lives they will continually have to deal with the Meteoric Debris Showers, the Repetitive, Echoing, Energetic Triggers created by the passing of that Comet through the Orbits of their Lives.
Have a Civil War breakout within a Nation Orbiting around the Ideals of Truth, Justice, Liberty, Equality and Opportunity for All get struck by the Debris creating Comet of the World History of the Social/Economics of Slavery.  And if it does not get knocked out of its Rotational Orbit in totality, each Generation will find itself having to deal with various Meteoric Debris Showers, some more dangerous than others, of past, present and future UnHealed Woundings and Seen and UnForseen Morphings.
For instance, the American cross burning KKK, or the Neo-Con, Tea Party’s Rebel Rousers blatant and hidden Racism due to the Energetic Meteoric Debris Reverberations set off by an elected Black President - by The Other - and an Evolving Society.  And so on, and so on, and so on…….
Cosmologically speaking, Molecularly speaking, Psychologically speaking, Energetically speaking there’s nothing new here.  Just Star Dust and the Rotational meandering Observations of an Orbiting Star Gazer, Curiously admiring the Starlit Heavens momentarily Reflected within the swirling, rippling cooling liquid of her ginger root tea.
Ah, Star Gazing !  It’s amazing what a momentary Look into a Starlit Sky can Spiral and Spin into the busy little intricate Molecular Orbitings of the Human Mind.

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