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The Reconciliation
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-11-18 09:42:01
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Later, in the bed, he lay at her side, curled up against her.

"Never leave me again, darling.
I could never live through it … could never. …
We can work out our problems.
I will be better, I promise.
I will never curse at you.
I will always try to be what you want.
Just don't leave me, please.
Please, mama, I will be better … honest I will. …"

Then, for the first time ever, he started to talk about settling down
And raising a family, and obeying routines and loving them.

He lay up against her, face to her face, on his left side.
She lay on her stomach, facing him.

She began to wonder.
She turned onto her back.
He snoring, she stared and stared at the ceiling.

This would absolutely positively never work, she finally and abruptly decided.
The sex was fine, sure…
But he'd never change.
He'd figure out ways to make her carry the burdens.
For Joel she would always be the center.
She didn't want that burden.
She didn't want to be the center.

She needed a guy who would always be the center.
She needed to be seized, shaken.
She needed to be taken to places she'd never imagined.


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