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Much too much To Do about - Much too Much and too Many Spy Games !
by Leah Sellers
2013-11-08 10:43:00
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The War on Terrorism has made the Whole World‘s InterActions and OuterActions, some parts (and Actions) more than others, Self Destructive and Kamikaze Suicidal.  That’s just one of the many malevolent Effects/Affects of the Many Faces and (Where did They Go ?) Places of Terrorism.
Add that to a Knowledge is Power mantra, and the burgeoning and constantly morphing of Modern Technologies that can Snoop On and Listen To almost any and EveryOne on the Planet at almost any Time and any Place, and you have a potentially volatile Alchemy of Elements and Events just waiting to be mixed and shaken - just waiting to implode/explode.
NSA Toxic Cocktails anyone ?
Also, what systemic Hubris are we all agreeing to when we think that Chancellor Merkel (or any other International Leader) has any more Right to be Incensed about being Listened In On than any other private or public Citizen-Human Being in the Whole Wide World ?
We are all Equal in Our Universal Rightful Offense about being Spied On or Snooped Upon by UnKnown (or in some cases Known) Others, due to Our Self-Inflicted Fear and Paranoia inducing Dis-ease, Terrorism.
Edward Snowden was and is Right.  This is an Imperative Moral and Ethical Dilemma-Issue of Our Time that Needs to Be Universally, Wisely and Cool-Headedly dealt with and agreed upon.  We Need a Ten Commandments of sorts (more or less) which addresses the Do’s and Don’t’s of the ever expanding and expansive Usages of Our Modern Technologies and Modalities of Communication.
By the way, how was Chancellor Merkel’s weinersnitzel one fine Eye-Spy evening ?  A bit too tough to swallow ?
How was President Hollande’s French chablis ?  Juice from Sour Fruit ?  Did he feel like a Spied Upon Sucker with a Pucker ?
How about Ella May Smith in Austin, Texas suspected of dealing in Terrorist leanings due to the Library Books she’s been gleaning ?  Been swatting any buzzing Mini-Drones away like pesky horse flies in the name of Allah lately ?
My condolences to one and all.  When Controlled Chaos (Ha ! Ha ! Controlled ?  Even more Hubris to try and manage ?) ensues, Citizen Leaders and Citizen Peasants alike All lose !

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