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Rebel Yells and Welcome Mats
by Leah Sellers
2013-10-29 11:17:19
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After returning Home from a trip to Europe with her Mom and Sisters, Cheyenne was very excited to find a Letter in the mailbox from one of the Friends she’d made in Germany.
Her Friend was a senior in High School, and her History Class was studying the American Civil War.  Cheyenne’s German Friend wanted her new Texan- Southern-American Friend’s point-of-view on a list of Questions she had prepared for her writing assignment regarding the American War Between the States.
Cheyenne was more than happy to oblige.  However, while reading her German Friend’s Questions, Cheyenne discerned that her Friend totally sided with the American Northern Yankees, and at times even villainized the American Southern Rebels.
Although Cheyenne was totally and irrevocably, ethically and morally opposed to Slavery and the corrupt and corruptible Socio/Economics of Slavery, and probably would have been an Abolitionist if she had Lived In and during that period of time in American History, she found HerSelf ridiculously offended and defensive of the Rebel Cause.
Cheyenne was shocked and dismayed to feel HerSelf almost inexplicably harumph, “Long Live the Stars and Bars of the South !”
“Why ?  Oh, why, do I Feel this reprehensible way,”  Cheyenne demanded of HerSelf.
Cheyenne was a Texan.  Cheyenne Re-Membered the Lost Cause, but the Bravely fought Battle of the Alamo during the Mexican-American War.  She had been Raised to Stand Her Ground for Causes she Believed In throughout her Life.  That Win or Lose, it was Fightin’ the Good Fight that was most important.  That it was more important to Be a valiant and disemboweled BraveHeart, a Crucified Christ, than a Yellowbellied (but fully in tact) Chicken Heart !
No matter how strong or powerful the Opposition might Be.  Give ‘em a Rebel Yell and Charge !  Charge !  Charge !
Run headlong into the Fray !  Run headlong (or feet first) into Self and Other Destruction in the Name of Glory !  In the Name of the Good Fight !  Run into Oblivion and take your Comrades, and EveryOne, and EveryThing else Right along with you !
As an Abolitionist, as a Texan-Southern-American Woman who was Raised and Trained in another form of covert/overt EnSlavement that Taught and Behaviorally Modified her tacitly and through numerous beatings and humiliations that Women are to be Seen but Never Heard.  Seen but Never to give off any fanciful airs of verbalized Intelligence, Knowledgeable Opinion or Emotional Depth.  That Women are to always walk and/or crawl gracefully, beautifully and duct-tape-over-the-mouth silently behind Men, and allow Men to stand on top of them, and at times to wipe their feet on them as Welcoming and Hospitable Floor-by-the-Door Mats any time they so please or any time they take a mind to do so.
That same complicated and conflicted Abolitionist Texan-Southern-American Woman also knew how to Yodel out her Rebel Yell from Time-to-Time, when she could allow HerSelf to Connect with her Rebellious BraveHeart for a Cause she Believed in WholeHeartedly and WholeMindedly.
So, after Processing all of this Personal HerStory and Psychology within her Texan-Southern-American Woman-Self, thanks to her German Friend who was simply Seeking her help on an unexpectedly simply-complex history project, Cheyenne took a deep breath.  Let go of her initial surprising Reaction of defensive offense, and sat down to Answer her Friend’s Questions in as Fair and Balanced, and as Accurate a way as a seventeen year old (who was a history-buff) could.
Looking back on that Learning Experience now, an older (and Hopefully Wiser) Cheyenne might perhaps be reminded of the present antics and dynamics taking place within the Republican Pre-sevatively Con-servative/Tea Party, Men like, Senator Ted Cruz, and the rest of our internally and externally War Weary Nation (and let’s not forget about the rest of the World, because nothing happens in a power vacuum, except maybe the enervation of Tea Party’s and Golden Dawn’s, and K.K.K.’s, and Taliban’s, and Al Quaeda’s…etc.).
Does anyone else Hear a Rebel Yell and the Charge !  Charge !  Charge ! That accompanies it ?  And who’s Standing on Top of and wiping their feet off on Whom ?
The Perusals of these Questions are perhaps worth a Hoot-and-a-Holler.

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