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A global Watergate
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-10-25 08:21:30
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Leaving aside the story with the little blonde girl found by the Greek police in a Roma camp there is only one thing that has monopolized the headlines this week and I'm afraid this is just the peak of what really going on behind the diplomacy curtains. A memo from the US National Security Agency (NSA) verifies that over 200 numbers of officials including 35 international leaders are constantly monitored.

These numbers include the German Chancellor Angel Merkel’s, the French President François Hollande’s and members of the EU commission; and as it was natural Paris and Berlin filled with horror and anger. Actually these latest revelations make you wander if the American foreign policy the last two decades is self-destructive and suicidal. Aside of all that there is one more detail that makes everybody more uneasy, the fact that NSA is not the only one monitoring international leaders but that the agency informs and encourages other departments like the White House, the State department and the Pentagon to do the same. As a result that means that the American president is fully aware and not just aware but possible the one who gave the order.

And if that happened during George W. Bush – actually it probably did happened – everybody would have been equally angry but now with Obama, they will all find it hard to forgive. And if that is true, then what else is true and nobody knows about?

Furthermore if Obama’s administration monitors the telephone calls of the German Chancellor, the French President, the Mexican President or the Brazilian President so what is going on in Middle East or Asia? Somebody in the American departments and the Obama administration forgot that trust is something you earn.

Already Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, key allies in Middle East, have started showing doubts about the American foreign policy in the region after the confusing and sometimes conflicted decisions with the new reproaching in the Syria and Iran issues. Adding to that a suspicion that their leadership is monitored could seriously harm US foreign policies. And the latest drama with the federal government’s shutdown hasn’t helped either in the trust department.

Despite the low tones all the allies kept through the crisis most of them realized that the giant can not hide anymore its weaknesses and started wandering what other weaknesses there are and how deep is the US financial problem and for how long they will be able to hold it without one day to blow in everybody’s face. Actually and for all these reasons for Germany and France, the survival of the Euro has become far more urgent.

And you do monitor your enemies for the obvious reason but the only logical reasons you monitor your allies and close friends in the era of globalization is one and only, finances.

But what weakens more the trust among the allies is the slouchy reaction of the American administration and the American president himself, things like that always happened from every side. Yes, and they also used to shot spies. Worst of all is that the Obama administration obviously undermines the European worries and calling them old Europe to provoke and insult them is one thing but undermining and patronizing them the same time is a totally different issue. And if old Europeans decide to return to the old ways especially in an era of global economic insecurity things might not turn well fort the other side of the Atlantic.

Americans have often been victims of their own paranoia and the last twenty years they acted often motivated form that paranoia but targeting and monitoring your closest allies is a hostile act towards a competitor you started feeling afraid of. And the Europeans know that.

When George W. Bush lost and Barack Obama won every body knew that it will take long time and a lot of effect from the American administration to rebuild the destroyed trust mainly with the traditional European allies. Acts like that just devastate the possibilities of ceasing a coming economic conflict that has been building up the last three decades between the two sides of the Atlantic and if it comes with acts like that America might find out that has opened many fronts.

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