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A Modern Day Inquisitor
by Leah Sellers
2013-10-22 10:55:20
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Tec Cruz is the Texas Senator who was the primary Tea Partying, Instigator-Leader who recently drove America’s Economy and Society into an Economic Shut-down, and nearly continued to drive America off of the Debt Ceiling Cliff. He, and his Tea Party followers, cohorts and cronies, and many other Red Ragin’ Republican Con-servatives nearly forced America into BeComing a dead-beat Nation.
Ted Cruz and his Lemmings cared not one whit that hundreds of thousands of Americans were furloughed and/or lost their Jobs, and/or the capability to Feed, Clothe and Shelter their Families, as they played their cruel, punishing and damaging Elitist Political Hunger Games. Ho-hum !
President Obama’s Resolute, Responsible and Intelligent Behavioral Modification Plan for the Self-Inflicting Wounds, IrRational, Red-in-the-Face (or is that Trunk) Party is to be Commended. For the next three months America and the rest of the World have avoided Economic Catastrophe.  Whoopty-doo !  The Rough and Raucous Gaming Ride is not over and done.  In fact, in many ways it's only just BeGun !
However, Ted Cruz, and his Minions, Cohorts and Cronies are but a segment of a much broader outreach and overreach for National and Global Power and Control.
Ted Cruz’s Energy is similar to that of the ancient Spanish Inquisitor.
An appointed and anointed Inquisitor con-sidered HimSelf to be a Man of God, A Man of the Church, a Principled Man. He Thought and Felt these things about HimSelf as he Tortured, Maimed, Burned up and Burned down, Murdered, Ruined and Mangled the Reputations and Lives of those who opposed or threatened him and/or his self interests or Cause.  The Inquisitor put all of his Energies into these horrific enterprises all in the Name of his God, his Church, his Principles as He rose to meteoric Power and Adoration
within his corrupted, corrupting and corruptible System.
The Energies of the Inquisitor are Ancient and Historically and Socially repetitive and rapacious.  UnFortunately, Humanity continues to Create, Nurture and Sustain them for a vast array of Reasonings and UnReasonings.
These Beings house and manifest profound internal/external Dissonances, and seek out vacuums of Power to survive and thrive within.   They use and abuse the gravitational Pulls and Pushes of Power vacuums to their usurped and orchestrated advantages and conjurings.  Inquisitors enjoy creating Chaos.  They crave it and are good at it, because it draws more Power and Attention to them.
Ted Cruz, and those of his ilk, are but Modern Day Inquisitors.
America, and the World, can Do better, and Need better.

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