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Abracadabra ! The IrRational is Made to Appear Rational !
by Leah Sellers
2013-10-19 12:55:07
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Abracadabra !
With a Wave of the Wand
A little Slight of the Tongue and the Mind
And What do you find ?
A tantrum-tossing Red Elephant in a Magical Hat ?
A Government Shut Down ?
A DeFaulted Debt Unkind ?
Abracadabra !
Ba-ba-loo and Flim-Flam-a-la-Ka-zam !
Look in the ever Reflective Mirror, America the Beautiful
You’ll See the Shrinking, Once Great, I Am !
Shrunk and choked by your own Legislators, Judicators,
Corporate/Banker Autocratic Plutocrats, and Elitists
Argumentatively Ambitious Power Hungry Hands !
Abracadabra !
Want a Portentious Hunch ?
Forget about Logic from this Red Handed Elephantine Bunch
They’re Out To a Tea Partying, Heretical Heritage,
Freedom Works and Twerks, Boehner Strainer, Cantor meaningless Banter,
Meese’s broken Pieces, Bruisin’ Cruzin’ Muncha-a-Lunch !
And the Great Nation of America is the Main Course
Of Their delectable Meal
They Insist that President Obama and the Democrats
Surrender their Protective Instincts and Laws
Aiding the dwindling Middle Class,
The Working Poor, the Jobless Poor, the Affordable Care Act, Immigrants,
The Social Security Benefits, Medicare and Medicaid, Head Start and WIC
They say, “let the Poor, the Dis-Enfranchised, the Jobless, the DisAbled, the

Starve, Go UnEducated and Jobless
And Let’s Make a Deal !
Or we’ll continue to Put the Screws to America til you Squeal !
Abracadabra !
Forget about Compassionate Action !
Because the Red Ragin’ Elephants
Are Ruled by the Tea Partying Fractious Faction
And we have been bribed,
Derisively derided and Ideologically galvanized
To rant and rave, and kick and scream our Republican Selves
Red and Redder still - until the Whole Nation
Cries “Uncle !  Now, Please, Pay Our Bills !”
Abracadabra !
Wave of the Magical Wand
And a little Slight of Hand Under (and now legally over) the Table
Citizen’s United Private Billionaires Payoffs
And fully loaded Contributions
To push their Agendas
And Benefit their Intakes and Distributions
Of National and Global Mooh-la and Shifting Sands Power
Don’t Bellyache and Glower, American Citizens
Your Holier-Than-Thou Supreme Court
Ruled it so, and Made it so
The Monetary Rules Protecting your Democracy
Were easily cast aside by the View of the Elitist Few
You’ve Got your Dues, and you’ll now you’ll Pay your Dues
Over and above your pitiful whinings and whose-boo-hoos
Abracadabra !
Shrinking, Once Great Nation, I Am
Wounded and Diminished
By your own Schitzo-Splitzo-phrenics’
Red Republi-cans suffocatingly truncating Political Gaming Hands
While the Whole World
Is Watching you Twist in the Tornadic Winds
Of your Own Making and Breaking
Viewing their Boob-tubes and YouTubes
In Quizzical Deer-in-the-Headlights Fascination
As America’s Democratic Republic
Writhes around and painfully squirms
To the misanthropic and spastic Rhythms and UnGodly Terms
Of the Shut Down Boogie
And the DeFaulted Debt Ceiling Blues
Boo-hoo !  Boo-poopy-doo !
Abracadabra !
Ka-la-ma-zoo !
Please, Legii-Slay-tors, Stabilize our National Canoe !
Let’s All put on Our Memory Hats
And Re-Member
That the Function of A Government
Is to Help the People It Represents
To Function Properly, Fairly and Beneficially
For All Citizens Individually
And for the Socio/Economic Well Being
Of the Whole of the Nation, as well
When that is Forgotten all is lost
The Tempest will not be weathered
The Fabric binding the Nation Together
Will be torn asunder and tossed
Abracadabra !
Where’s a Great Magician
In a Legendary Hero’s White Hat
When you need them to Miraculously Appear ?!
When the IrRational is Made Rational
And Great Nations are Selfishly and Suicidally pulled apart
And Forced to Dis-Appear ?!
At ‘Times Like These’
It Takes the Voices, Work and Activated Will
Of The Many - of We the People-Magicians
To, perhaps, eventually Save and ReStore
What’s Most Precious - Most Dear !

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