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Old Man
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-10-15 10:47:31
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No, old man, it's all so foolish, she could never bear you.
She could never heft all those needs of yours, or your lusts.
You bear down on her, wear her down …
You are always on … you are so heavy … you never cease …

She is a light creature, not meant for buffalo burdens.
She was meant to trip through fields, to adorn and lighten the world.
She senses that you would catch her up in your endless weavings,
Your obsessions, and thrust her under.
If she lets you in you will eat her up from the inside.
This she senses. …

You see, it's impossible, old man.
You are too old, too heavy, too unlovely, too intense.
You carry all of your past with you.
She needs room to breathe, and light, more and more light.
She could never bear up under you, she would be instantly up to here with you,
You with that grunting lovemaking of yours, and your weeping lantern face.
How could she ever support you?  How could she stand the smell of you?

Just the eye of your desire is too much.
It bores right through her.
Your hairy arms and your hairy chest, your hairy legs and your hairy back
Are too rough on her.
Your ponderous sententiousness, your first-person syntax,
Your stories, endless, endless in number — and who knows which parts of which are true? —
Your explanations, your fierce querulousness, your insistent expiations,
Your ferocious, fastidious equivocations, your hallucinogenic tergiversations,
Your never-ending ever-changing desires, your unfulfilled dreams,
Your escapes and near escapes and foolish escapades of long ago —
Why would she ever want to hear of them, just because they are yours?

She senses that you'd always be leaning in on her, you and your incessant insinuations,
Your voice all milky-gravelly, revealing a self that speechifies,
A self expanding, garrulous, yawning, dawdling,
Unloading disinheritances, forever incriminating everyone and everything,
Here there and everywhere.

No one could bear you.
No one could care.
Why pick out this thin reed, this girlish hairless child for union with you?
Why thrust all your past, with all its weight, on her?

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Leah Sellers2013-10-16 05:19:55
In acknowledging your Buffalo Burden, while holding her in your Thoughts and Heart-of-Hearts, you are also holding up and Exploring the Intuitive Knowledge, that perhaps, she can help you bear them Gracefully. That her Love and Willingness can Transform you into White Buffalo. What a wonderful Blessing and Gifting for the Two of You.

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